International Dog Day: Spareroom creates guided meditation video with dogs

Pet dog shiba inu running through field of pink flowers
Take a moment to find peace… with dogs (Picture: Getty Images)

We all know about the potential benefits of meditation for our mental health.

A moment of quiet can soothe your mind and reduce stress, which in turn helps with everything from sleep to your physical health.

But have you ever wished your meditation sessions featured more… dogs ?

This International Dog Day, you’re in luck, as the people over at SpareRoom have created their very own at-home guided meditation video that features a load of dogs.

Why have SpareRoom, a rental platform, done this?

It’s to highlight that the majority of renters aren’t allowed to have pets, with just 8% of ads on the room letting site saying they would ‘consider’ allowing tenants to have animals with them.

This means that the majority of renters miss out on all the stress-busting benefits of having a pet pal with them at home – or they have to keep their pet secret from their landlord, which adds in a load morestress.

Thus, SpareRoom has created the meditation video not only to raise awareness of just how few tenants are allowed pets, but to help those who can’t have a dog of their own momentarily enjoy the soothing effects of a furry friend.

The team worked with clinical psychologist Dr Cinzia Pezzolesi to create the five-minute video, called Care Of The Dog, to make sure it actually does the trick of helping you relax.

Did you hear that? Sound frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz). The higher the Hertz, the higher-pitched the sound. Dogs hear best at 8,000 Hz, while humans hear best at around 2,000 Hz.

Showing clips of dogs sleeping, playing, and running, the dog pairs the principles of mindfulness and meditation with the joy of cute dog videos, with a relaxing voiceover to guide you through this moment of calm.

Portrait of dog in the cornfield
Breathe in relaxation, breathe out stress (Picture: Getty Images)

Matt Hutchinson, SpareRoom Director said: ‘There’s so much research to show that pets have a calming effect on people.

‘But we also know that it can be incredibly difficult for renters to find places that accept pets. So, we put together a video to let anyone, whether they own, rent or share their home, experience a little of that calm.

‘With everyone being at home more over the past few months, things like gardens, space to work, and the ability to have a pet are becoming more important.

‘This might seem like a fluffy idea – excuse the pun – but we need to keep having conversations about how we live, and the importance of feeling at home, regardless of who owns the property you live in.’

True that. Get ready to watch on repeat.

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