Intelligent Pup Turns Himself In At Police Station As A Missing Dog

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Whenever a child or vulnerable person gets lost, usually a search party must start as soon as possible. The people that start the search party? Usually the police.

This smart pup, got lost. And he knew it almost right away. This pup decided to take matters in his own paws. Shortly after he realized he was missing, he went to the police station in his Texan town and waited for an office to show up to help him.

The police officers at the station were shocked to see a furry face waiting at the counter. They couldn’t believe that this intelligent puppy decided to take responsibility and make the search party basically non-existent. Sergeant Rusty Martin said it seemed like the dog wasn’t frightened at all about his lost dog status. In fact, Martin thought that the pup wanted to apply for a position in their K-9 unit since he seemed so eager to be there!

Martin posted about the strange situation on Facebook. He explained that many officers were excited to see the pup in the office. Then, the police officers decided to take out a tennis ball and throw it around for a bit with their new canine friend.

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The owner responded quickly to the Facebook post the police station made about their new visitor. He stopped by and the station found out this pups name was Chico, and after that he made it home safely. The station was happy that Chico returned to his home. Luckily, he made getting lost an easy job for the owner and the police station!

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