Inseparable shelter chihuahuas get married in an adorable ceremony

Inseparable shelter dogs at their adorable wedding ceremony with their own mini chapel complete with a bubble machine
They even had their own mini chapel complete with a bubble machine (Picture: San Antonio Humane Society/SWNS)

Two bonded shelter dogs have made their relationship official with a marriage ceremony – complete with a mini chapel and bubble machine.

Peanut, nine, and Cashew, three, (bit of an age gap, there…) got married at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) in Bexar County, Texas last Wednesday.

Both chihuahuas were surrendered separately in April 2022 by their respective families as they could no longer take care of them.

Putting the ‘cute’ in meet-cute, the pair first clapped eyes on each other in the SAHS medical building after they both had dental surgeries.

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There was an instant bond between the two, and after watching their relationship blossom, staff decided to organise the ceremony in the hopes of finding Peanut and Cashew their forever homes. Lucia Almanza, a public relations associate at SAHS, said: ‘The ceremony was to celebrate their love and recovery journey.
Cashew (left) and Peanut (right) dressed in their wedding finery
Cashew (left) and Peanut (right) (Picture: San Antonio Humane Society/SWNS)
the happy could eating some wedding day treats
‘The ceremony was to celebrate their love and recovery journey’ (Picture: San Antonio Humane Society/SWNS)

‘Their small, intimate wedding day was shared with staff, volunteers and our closest friends.

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‘The event included a beautiful walk down the aisle, bubbles, music and cake, of course.’

The occasion featured the pair dressed to the nines, with a red carpet flanked by dog-shaped hedges.

Cashew (left) and Peanut (right) dressed in their wedding finery outside their homemade mini wedding chapel
Presumably, the age difference doesn’t bother them (Picture: San Antonio Humane Society/SWNS)
Lucia added: ‘A couple of days before, we had some volunteers who constructed Peanut and Cashew their very own chapel in their own time, complete with a bubble machine for added fun for the dogs.’

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She explained that Peanut and Cashew are both available individually for rehoming at the SAHS, but staff are really hoping they’ll be able to find a home together.

After all, who’d separate a married couple like that?

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