Indian frontrunner rescues stray dogs and helps with adoption

The situation of homeless, stray dogs in India has always been a matter of concern. With road and car accidents happening on a daily basis, it leaves these poor strays limping or in a critical state, left to die on the side of roads. The number of stray dogs in India is alarmingly large, sadly because of the lack of sterilization.

Remove Ticks From Your Dog With a Pair of Tweezers. Don’t have a tick remover on hand? You can carefully remove ticks from your dog with a pair of fine tipped tweezers. Grab the tick by it’s mouth area (the part closest to your dogs skin) and pull firmly until it’s removed. Place the tick in a jar of alcohol to kill it, and be sure to wear gloves when dealing with ticks since they can transmit diseases to pets & people.

But there has been a massive change in people’s mindsets over the past few years as people have now begun to organise rescue missions for stray dogs and even organise adoption camps to give these little fur babies their forever homes. One such man who has come forward for this cause is Anupam Mehta. A runner and athlete by profession, he has been actively involved in rescuing stray dogs and helping them to find a home.

Use a Front Clip Harness to Prevent Pulling on Leash. If your dog pulls on his leash get a harness that clips in the front. The harnesses that clip on the back promote more pulling. And when you’re working on leash manners ditch the retractable leash for a regular 6 foot one so your dog can get the feeling of what loose leash walking means.