Incredible moment two boys save three dogs from house fire in US

Moment two young boys save two dogs from house fire
The boys were alerted to the fire after hearing the smoke alarms going off (Picture: Storyful)

This is the moment two quick-witted boys rescued three dogs trapped inside a burning building.

Anthony Lombardi, 12, and Mario Comella, 13, were cycling past a neighbour’s house in Coventry, Rhode Island, in the US on New Year’s Day when they heard smoke alarms going off. Footage of the unfolding drama captured on a doorbell camera shows the boys approaching the house as they call the owner, John Salisbury. John gives the boys the security code to unlock his front door and can be heard on the phone asking the boys if they can ‘go in there quick’.

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As the boys open the door they shout ‘it’s smokey, the dogs are inside call 911, call 911’.

Two dogs then run out of the house, before Mario enters the building to free a third pooch still trapped inside. As Mario remerges he can be heard saying: ‘I got your dogs out, I got the dogs out’ as both he and Anthony run from the house. After the dramatic rescue, the boys were praised by John Salisbury and Athena DiBenedetto who were out at the time of the fire. Athena told 12 News: ‘With all of the smoke billowing in the house, he didn’t even think twice. He ran in and let the dog out.’

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The blaze is understood to have been started when one of the dogs accidentally turned on a stove burner which ignited a wooden chopping board.

Athena, who said she cannot watch the doorbell footage without getting ‘teary eyed’, said she feared what could have happened if the boys had arrived five or ten minutes later.

Mario said he ran into the building to save the dogs after his uncle lost his pets in a house fire a year ago.

The youngster told 12 News: ‘I was thinking, “This happened to my uncle, so I’m not going to let this happen to my friend.”‘

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While no one was hurt in the incident, Coventry fire department has warned people not to enter burning buildings and to always call 911 instead.

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