If you have £450 to spare, you can now get your dog a luxury Christmas hamper

Dylan Watkins from Poppy's Picnic sat at a table with two schnauzers, holding Christmas crackers
Merry Christmas, pooches (Picture: Chris Allerton/Poppy’s Picnic)

We can all agree that dogs are amazing and thus should not be forgotten during the holidays.

This includes making sure that our furry friends have something to paw open on the big day.

If you’re looking to treat your pooch this season, we’ve put together a nifty gift guide filled with reasonably priced presents for good boys and girls – from memory foam beds to matching outfits.

However, if you are the owner of a pup who will sneer at low-priced goodies, there’s now a super-luxurious option available – a Christmas hamper reserved for the most pampered of pooches.

Forget dry kibble and mince pies for dogs ; this hamper features only the finest ingredients, with a three-course menu including Beluga caviar, Wagyu beef and truffles.

But be prepared to splurge: it costs £450.

To put that into perspective, you could get seven Aldi Christmas hampers for the same price (£59.99 each) or The Good Cheer hamper from Fortnum & Mason (£400) – but nothing but the best for your four-legged friend. The menu include Cornish crab, layered with black tiger prawns, as well as a quail’s egg, served with the aforementioned caviar and hop shoots – and that’s just the starter.

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For the main, your dog can dig into Winter Wonderland Meatballs with Rudolph Bone Broth; Wagyu meatballs with porcini mushrooms, topped with a venison bone broth, fresh cranberries and truffle.

The pièce de résistance (dessert) will arrive in the shape of Golden ‘Fox Poo’ Mousse; a bone-shaped tart, stuffed with partridge, poached pear and saffron, as well as gold leaf liver parfait (the ‘poo’).

The feast is to be washed down with a glass of mineral water, infused with elderflower, ginseng and a dash of honey.

The opulent hamper will be delivered straight to your door, and also features a gingham tablecloth, a silver cocktail shaker and handcrafted ceramic dog bowls.

Because what is a meal, without style?

The Santa Paws menu was created by founder of Poppy’s Picnic, Dylan Watkins, and Anna Webb, a canine nutritionist.

It was tested by a panel of humans and dogs before being released, and contains ‘superfoods’ to ‘aid a dog’s immune system’, as well as lots of minerals and vitamins to help with digestion and strengthen joints.

‘There’s so much anticipation ahead of a Christmas dinner and dogs can sense that excitement,’ said Dylan.

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‘We think they deserve to be included during the season of sharing. Their eating experience shouldn’t be an afterthought as their senses need stimulating just as much as ours.’

Considering the ingredients used, you could always skip out on making the turkey this year and just share the hamper meal with your pooch…

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