‘I burst into tears’ Owner reunited with stolen childhood pet after ten YEARS

AFTER waiting 10 years for her missing pup, a dog owner has been reunited with her stolen childhood pet.

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The chihuahua was stolen from owner Tae Bennett when she was just 12 years old. The dog, Ollie, was just two years old when he was taken. Ms Bennett was out walking him in 2012 when the thief struck. Ten years later, Ms Bennett is a 22-year-old travel company worker and had given up all hope of ever seeing her childhood pet ever again.

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Ollie had not been seen once since he was stolen.However, last week, the microchipped pet was found in a park in Hounslow, West London.He was found 20 miles away from Ms Bennett’s home in Beckenham, South London.Tae, now 22, who also has dachshund Chilli, said: “When I was told I burst into tears.

"I never thought this would happen.

Ms Bennett with Ollie

Ms Bennett was reunited with Ollie ten years after he was stolen (Image: Triangle News)


Ollie was stolen at the age of two (Image: Triangle News)

“Ollie was found in a park by some children, I’ve no clue where he came from.

“Overall he is in good condition but he still needs to be checked over by a vet.

“I think Ollie has been used for breeding and either got let out accidentally, or purposely due to his age.

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“He was two-years-old when taken from me and still remembers his life before being taken, we are both very happy he is finally with us.”

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Ms Bennett with Ollie

Ms Bennett had not seen her dog for 10 years (Image: Triangle News)According to statistics gathered by the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest dog welfare organisation, a staggering 98 percent of dog theft criminals are never charged.

They also found that in more than half of cases a suspect is never identified.

The organisation conducted the research via Freedom of Information requests to 45 police forces - 36 of which responded.

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They found that there were an estimated 2,355 cases of dog theft in 2020, marking a 7 percent increase from 2019.

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Ollie and Chilli

Ollie with Ms Bennett's daschund Chilli (Image: Triangle News)


In 2020, in more than a quarter of cases (27 percent), a suspect was identified but nothing further was done due to “evidential difficulties.”

Bill Lambert, Health, Welfare and Breeder Services Executive at The Kennel Club, said: “Dog theft has devastating consequences for both the owners and the pets involved.

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“Not only that, but when a suspect is found and sentenced, dog theft is often treated no more seriously than a petty crime, despite the fact that there is nothing ‘petty’ about pet theft.”

In May last year, the Government created a Pet Theft Task Force to help tackle the issue.

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