I adopted a special needs dog from a rescue and here is what I learnt about life, dogs and people.

Love is blind

Soon, our application was accepted and we got Dottie after talking for a few days with her temporary foster family. Dottie arrived and was nothing like we had anticipated a blind dog to be in daily life.

We got her the whole package : scented things for orientation, padded toys with weird shapes and textures and blind dog apparel. Little did we know that Dottie was going to be the master of her own blindness. She is the most confident dog on a walk that you could ever witness : she runs fast, she can memorize any path or itinerary by smell and memory only and she is always positive about encounters with dogs, humans or other animals. Maybe because she can not see, she never considers thing on the negative side, she gives a 100% positive chance to everybody and everything and I love that about her.

Dottie never confuses a smell or noise. She knows which human is talking to her, she knows when we pick up her harness and leash and not the Pomeranians’, she can tell a treat bag from a marshmallow bag and especially, she can tell when you are going to give her affection and attention and when you are busy doing something else.If you thought, like me, that “Love is blind” was just a thing that people say… both you and I were wrong. In Dottie’s case, love is indeed blind and she has proven to us that you don’t need to see people or things to believe them. The beauty of what we learn about dogs, about our dog, is beyond expectations, beyond anything I had experienced before with any human beings or animals. What Dottie gives, what she takes and what she feels goes beyond the realms of senses and understanding, it is a true feeling of wholesomeness and simplicity.

For Safety Keep Your Dog Restrained in the Car. I know that dogs love sticking their head out car windows – but it’s a dangerous habit. They’re at risk for being hit with debris, damaging their ears & there’s always the risk that they’ll see something & jump out. If you’re going to be driving over 20 mph it’s always recommended to have your dog restrained in the car.

Photograph : Noemie V. Akridge