Huntsman ‘threw rescue cat over fence after it was mauled to death by hounds’

Huntman seen throwing body of cat over all after hounds killed it Pics: BPM Media/SWNS
Carly Jose was devastated by the death of her cat Mini (Picture: BPM Media/SWNS)

A shocking video appears to show a cat killed by hounds being tossed into a hedge by a huntsman.

Carly Jose, 39, said her family was torn apart when their rescue cat, Mini, was mauled by the dogs in Cornwall this weekend.

Footage appears to show a member of the hunt running to the cat’s body and throwing it over a fence, before escaping as residents shout abuse at him.

Carly from Madron, Cornwall, claims she has been offered money as an apology from the Western Hunt, which has since apologised for the March 6 incident, with a police investigation underway.

Teaching assistant Carly said no amount of cash would bring her cat back, after it was killed metres from its own front door.

She told Cornwall Live that she and her children were ‘heartbroken’ and labelled the individual’s actions ‘evil’.

In the video, a group of around six dogs can be seen gathering around the 14-year-old cat as a man shouts ‘leave it’.

He then runs towards the pack as Carly leaves her front door and the dogs disperse.

Having reached the cat before Carly could see what had happened, the man picks up its body and launches it into her neighbour’s garden, while her view is obscured.

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Carly said another neighbour also saw the man thrown Mini’s body into a hedge, before he ran away and the man filming urges him to ‘come here, you p***k’.

The family are unsure if the cat was dead or dying when it was thrown.

She explained: ‘I was upstairs with my youngest daughter, my eldest was at the vets where she works.

Carly Jose's cat Mini
It is unclear if rescue cat Mini was dead or dying when she was thrown over the fence (Picture: SWNS)
Carly Jose's cat Mini
Mini was 14 when she was killed by hounds (Picture: SWNS)

‘I heard a massive commotion, dogs and a lot of voices – so I ran down to check the garden, I thought dogs might have got into the back but there was nothing there.

‘I went to the front and saw lots of hounds all over the front garden.

‘The huntsmen was there with the hounds as well, I just knew that something bad had happened.

‘Then a neighbour said that he saw what had happened, a hound had killed Mini.’

Carly was even more shocked when another neighbour approached her and said they had caught the incident on camera.

Carly Jose with cat Mimi.
Carly says she is ‘heartbroken’ and that the individual’s actions were ‘evil’ (Picture: SWNS)

She watched the footage and saw her cat’s body being unceremoniously thrown into a bush.

She continued: ‘The man can be seen checking behind himself then throwing her as far as he can into the hedge. He just wanted to cover his tracks, I think.

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‘We live in a small village and the hunt hounds are based just up the road, they have several exercise areas where they can run around.’

She claimed that the head of the hunt group came round to offer her money, which she refused, and offered to help bury the cat.

The Western Hunt did not immediately respond to when asked to confirm if it had offered the family money.

Carly added: ‘I told him he wasn’t going anywhere near my cat. It’s not about the money, no amount of money will bring my Mini back.

‘I think it’s worse because my children are here. They’ve had to listen to everything that’s been going on.

‘People say, accidents happen, but this was no accident.

‘This was an evil act.’

New Covid lockdown rules from March 8 ? what changes on Monday? Reuters|Rex FeaturesWhat lockdown rules change in England from today? A spokesperson for the Hunt said on Sunday: ‘The Hunt is aware of events that took place on Saturday 6th March, while the hounds were being exercised in an area where they are taken routinely, without incident, by officials of the hunt.

‘The hunt has been in contact with the cat owner to apologise unreservedly for the distress this has caused and is also helping the police with their enquiries.

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‘Incidents of this nature involving hounds are incredibly rare due to the professionalism with which the hounds are managed, however the hunt has taken this matter very seriously and is reviewing their procedures to prevent any reoccurrence.’

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: ‘No arrests have been made but enquiries are ongoing’.

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