Hunt for dog poop bandit throwing dozens of bags into trees

Derby City Council has launched a hunt for a dog mess thrower (Pictures: Facebook
Derby City Council has launched a hunt for a dog mess thrower (Pictures: Facebook
People in Britain’s most central city have been left ‘disgusted’ after an unknown culprit scattered dozens of bags filled with dog poo on trees. At least 40 plastic sacks were found hanging on branches near an old railway bridge in Mickleover, Derby, during just one inspection.

According to councillors, the only way the bags could have reached the trees is by someone throwing them up in the air.

Councillor Alison Holmes told Derbyshire Live the offender ‘needs to be caught, prosecuted and made an example of’.

‘Some of the bags get caught in the branches and those that don’t fall to the ground,’ she said. ‘It is totally disgusting that someone would choose to do this.

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‘We’ve recently had two brand new larger floor standing bins installed just yards away to offer a convenient place for dog walkers to dispose of bags as it is a popular route for Mickleover residents and the new South Derbyshire housing.

‘Clearly this person won’t use a bin in any case. Any information local residents living nearby can offer would be really appreciated.’

Bags with dog poo hangind from trees in Mickleover, Derby (Picture: Facebook)
On just one inspection, councillors found at least 40 bags filled with dog poo (Picture: Facebook)

An action plan to track down the offender has been set in motion and concerned councillors have urged residents to play their part in busting the case.

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Discussions have also been held with Derby City Council due to environmental worries and there are surveillance and enforcement options being explored. Meanwhile a clean up of the area near the Great Northern pub on Station Road has taken place, which one resident described as a ‘drain on council resources’ at a time when ‘money is tight’. An update shared on the Mickleover Councillors Favebook page on Friday said the council had already cleared ‘well over 30 bags’ thrown into the trees.

The post added: ‘The vast majority of local dog owners are reasonable and considerate and they are just as fed up with a minority of people that aren’t bagging and binning dog waste.

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Councillor Alison Holmes (Picture: Facebook)
Councillor Alison Holmes said offender ‘needs to be caught, prosecuted and made an example of’ (Picture: Facebook)

‘However, this is an extreme and vindictive case, involving one dog owner.

‘We’ll be carrying out a “pick up or pay up” campaign later this year across Mickleover with signage and patrols, but clearly this is particular location needs a more focused approach.’

Praising the authority for their work, local Adam McLoughlin wrote on Facebook: ‘This activity is disgusting and gives a bad name to all dog walkers even though most are very considerate and carry their doggy handbags until they find the nearest bin.

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‘There’s also a significant number of cast aside bags along the cycle track.’

Mary Innes also said: ‘I can’t believe that someone could be so inconsiderate.

‘Let’s hope they are caught and given a large fine for the extra costs and resources they have caused.’ has contacted Derby City Council for a comment.

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