Hundreds of dogs left to die in abandoned shelter in Ukraine after Putin unleashes attack

OVER 300 dogs died a tragic death after staying for days without food or water, trapped in the line of fire of Russia's war against Ukraine.

Ukraine: Charity shares shocking condition of dog shelter

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The poor animals were left locked in the cages of an animal shelter in Borodyanka, Ukraine. On Friday, April 1st, after Borodyanka was liberated from the Russian occupiers, volunteers were able to get to the shelter, where they witnessed the devastating scene.

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Of the 485 dogs living in the shelter, only 150 survived, the animal rights organisation UAnimals reported.

Another 27 animals were found in terrible condition, some barely able to walk or even move their heads.

These dogs were transferred to clinics to receive treatment.

Several dogs did not reach the clinics and died on the way, in the hands of volunteers, UAnimals said.

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Bodies of dead dogs

Hundreds of dogs starved to death in the Borodyanka shelter (Image: Network for Animals)Shocking footage from the shelter was shared on social media by UAnimals and Network for Animals, an international animal welfare organization.

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Dozens of lifeless bodies of dogs are seen carried in wheelbarrows.

The rescuers had to bury hundreds of bodies in makeshift graves.

It is estimated that the animals had been left without water or food for more than a month.

UAnimals thanked all the volunteers who participated in the rescue.

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A starving dog drinking water

Some 150 animals miraculously survived in the shelter (Image: Network for Animals)

However, they named and strongly criticised the owners of the shelter for abandoning the animals locked in the cages.

The organisation appealed to the Kyiv City State Administration to investigate the incident as an animal cruelty crime.

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They are calling for those responsible for the crime to be brought to justice.

With a post on social media, the organisation called for help in the collection of information as they are filing complaints with the local authorities.

UAnimals said: “The shelter suffered from the war, but the animals did not die from shelling and bombing.

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“They died a horrible death without food and water, locked in their cages.”

And they continue: “Natalia Mazur, director of the Kyiv City Veterinary Hospital, which owns the shelter, left the dogs at random in early March.

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“The man who was supposed to take care of every four-legged animal in the shelter left them to die in agony, cynically spreading false rumors, as if he wasn’t involved in saving animals.

“We - UAnimals, can not ignore this.

“All those responsible for the destruction of more than three hundred lives lost must be punished.”

The organisations are making urgent appeals for donations to continue their work.

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