How to Make Your Dog Treats Go the Extra Mile with Dr. Lyon’s

How to Make Dog Treats Really Count with Dr. Lyon’s

When it comes to making your dog happy—we’re talking about the vigorously wiggling tail kind of happy—a tasty treat usually will do the trick. But what if a dog treat could do more than just drive that furry tail into full wag mode and shift those salivary glands into drool overdrive? What if you could make a dog treat “count” more toward your dog’s wellness?

Dr. Lyon’s pill pouches and dental chews are designed to do just that. They let you delight your pup with the tasty reward she expects from a treat, while working double duty to either help you give your pet the prescription dog medicines she needs or by keeping her teeth healthy.

Make Pill-Giving More Rewarding

Fact: Getting your dog to take her prescription medication is no walk in the dog park. Even trained pros like Dr. Sarah Wooten, a veterinarian at West Ridge Animal Hospital in Greeley, Colorado, have to resort to using food to get dogs to take their medicines.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR PET: The American Veterinary Dental Society states that 80% of Dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age 3.

“Wrapping pills in deli turkey meat, a piece of bread, or a small piece of cheese is a great way to make the medicine go down,” explains Dr. Wooten.

Another option to help get your fussy dog to take her medicine is by using pill pocket treats.

“Pill pocket treats are a smart option, if the pet likes them. They’re one of the best ways to deliver medications to pets,” Dr. Wooten says.

The reason being that dogs are usually up for a tasty treat, so you can leverage her taste buds to your advantage.

Dr. Lyon’s Pill Pouches are chewy, pliable dog treats designed to disguise the smell and flavor of your dog’s medications, so you can pass off any pill or tablet as an ordinary treat. They come in peanut butter, beef and chicken flavors.

Simply stuff a pill or capsule inside the treat, which is made with a nifty, built-in opening designed to fit dog medicines of most shapes and sizes. Then pinch the treat to completely seal off the pill or tablet inside and offer it to your pup like you would any other treat.

If your pup is especially suspicious about his pet meds, Dr. Wooten emphasizes the need to make sure the pill is entirely covered by the treat.

“It’s important that the entire medication or pill is covered with the pill pocket treat, otherwise your pet might wise up,” she says. “I’ve seen pets eat the pill pocket and leave the pill.”

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Dr. Lyon’s Pill Pouches are made to cover pills completely, when used as directed, and can be used for prescription dog medications and even dog supplements or vitamins.

Make a Dent in Dental Health

Aside from turning medicine-giving from a chore to a bonding moment with you and your dog, Dr. Lyon’s also makes dog dental chews that target her dental health.

Their unique shape—a brush actually, which is pretty fitting—lets you treat your pup to a chewing experience she’ll appreciate, while helping to reduce tartar and plaque buildup.

“Dental chews help reduce the plaque that causes tartar that leads to gingivitis,” Dr. Wooten says. “Dogs enjoy chewing—it’s good for their mental health. They provide an avenue for dogs to be able to exercise healthy chewing behavior as well.”

If you want to help maintain your pup’s oral health, along with regular brushing, while also stimulating her urge to chew, Dr. Lyon’s dental treats are a great option. They are available in extra-small, small, medium and large sizes so there’s one for every breed.

There are healthy dog treats, and then there are dog treats that do more for your dog’s health. Give your dog treats that go a long way in helping to keep her at her best with pill pouches designed to make pill-giving easier, and dental treats formulated to help clean teeth as she chews. Here’s to happy—and healthy—treating!

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By: Jorge Sanchez

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