How to keep your pooch engaged indoors

We know how tough it is to stay indoors several days together. Thanks to the ongoing lockdown to fight the spread of coronavirus. However, we’ve got our ways to kill time – social media, movies and web series or the least, catch up on sleep which we generally miss during working days. But how about pets? The question is how to keep them entertained indoors. We list out a few things to keep them active even within the four walls of your house.
  • One of the games that help them develop their natural ability to sniff out things is find the treat. Hide a treat in one of the rooms and take your pet there. Encourage him to find it, tracing its smell.
  • The cup game is said to be good for mental stimulation of pets. To start with, keep it simple by using just one cup. Place the treat under the cup and encourage the dog to turn over the cup and take the treat. Once it gets used to that, use two cups and place the treat under one of them as the dog watches it. Now, encourage the dog to turn over the correct cup and grab the treat. Once it does, allow it to enjoy hisell-deserved treat.
  • Dogs love to help your around in the house. Teach him to fetch things for you. Make him do a set of simple tasks before he’s given his meal. Let him work for his food.
  • He needs to be active mentally and physically. Set up some obstacles for him to cross over. Use a hula hoop for him to jump through or make a tunnel using old cardboards at home for him to crawl across. It will challenge him physically and mentally.
  • Play fetch on the stairs. That’ll make your pooch run up and down the stairs and it will help him use different muscles of his body. He’ll run down the stairs to fetch the ball and climb up as he runs back to you. Do it a couple of times to give a dose of his daily exercise.
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