How to keep a cat and a dog together

The cat and dog rivalry started ages ago.While there might be several theories to explain their enmity, the most logical explanation is that dogs chase cats because of their instinct and their drive to hunt a prey.
You can be a dog person or a cat person but there is no reason why you can’t keep both together. In spite of their differences, dogs and cats co-exist with each other in a lot of households. As fascinating as it may sound it is possible to domesticate both canines and felines together. So if you want to be both a cat as well as a dog parent these are the things to keep in mind.

Raise them together
Cats and dogs tend to stay harmoniously together if they are introduced to each other young, kept in the same house and raised together. As kittens and pups they don’t fight each other and tend to form a strong bond.

Same size
Not that big dog breeds do not live with a cat but if you are wary, choose a small dog breed to be with a cat. In case of a brawl, the danger of the cat getting hurt is lower.

Feed them separately
Make sure to feed them separately as pets can get very possessive about their food and food bowls. Also keep their toys and beddings separate.

Train your pets
It is important to train your pets as it helps them co-exist with you. In the case of a dog and cat sharing space, discipline is of utmost importance as it teaches them self control.

Avoid taking your cat outside
A cat which lives with a dog might approach other dogs. Avoid taking your cat out to play with other dogs as it might affect her relationship with your dog. It might also be dangerous for the cat as other dogs might not be cordial with her and try and attack her.

Giving both your cat and dog enough exercise will keep them calm and they will not indulge in destructive behaviour. Exercise drains them out physically and keeps them relaxed.

If cats and dogs are brought up together in a positive, loving, encouraging environment, they are going to be friends. We just have to be observant, vigilant and remain watchful pet parents

— Swati Tandon, pet expert

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