How to join Alexandra Burke and Pete Wicks on our charity walk this June

Composite image of Alexandra Burke and Pete Wicks holding their dogs
Alexandra and Pete will be taking on our 10k route (Picture: Alexandra Burke/Vivienne Edge Photography)
This year the Lifeline campaign is joining forces with an amazing charity called Medical Detection Dogs . Our aim – with your help – is to raise money for them so that they can carry on their work training dogs to save lives by detecting diseases such as Type 1 diabetes , cancer , Parkinson’s and even coronavirus, just by their sniff. To do this, we’ve organised two charity fundraising walks this summer and invited our favourite celebs – also including TV’s Dr Christian Jessen and presenter Debbie Flint, alongside Alexandra and Pete – to take part with readers and charity supporters.

You can choose from a 10k route – which you can even bring your dogs and family along to – or a more challenging 42km marathon distance hike.

Both start and finish in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside and participants will be fed and watered throughout (even the four-legged ones!), as well as receiving a medal at the end to celebrate your amazing achievement.

With a fundraising minimum of just £300, the money you raise will help the charity invest in their dogs so they can continue their lifesaving work.

There’s no doubt the pandemic has been tough – with the charity sector being hit particularly hard – so if you fancy giving a helping hand, while putting all your lockdown walking to good use, here’s how you can take part:

Help your pet be as active as nature intended. Exercise and play time are necessary for your pet’s mental and physical well-being. If you don’t give your dog opportunities to be physically active, or if you don’t encourage exercise for your kitty and find ways to make it happen, you may well end up with a bored, destructive, overweight pet whose health will spiral downward throughout her lifetime.

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