How could someone dump this tiny, vulnerable, just weeks old puppy in a FREEZING field?

AN ADORABLE puppy named after Britain’s most famous living artist is alive today after a miracle rescue.

Hockney the puppy standing on pink blanket

Hockney the puppy is getting stronger and more independent by the day (Image: Dogs Trust)

Hockney, the terrier cross who weighs less than a bag of sugar, was dumped inside a cardboard box just a few weeks after being born. Luckily, the shivering tan and white pup with a cute pink nose was found in a field before his life ebbed away. At no more than five weeks old, Hockney was far too young to be separated from his mother yet did not even have a blanket to keep him warm when he was discovered by chance.

As the youngster recovers from his terrifying ordeal, leading charity Dogs Trust is today warning owners never to abandon their pets but seek help from animal welfare organisations with rehoming facilities.

Luckily, a passerby found the puppy in a field on the outskirts of Castleford, West Yorkshire, last week, yet with no food, water or anything to keep him warm. To make his life worse, he also has worms and a sore skin condition.

After being checked by vets, Hockney – so named because artist David Hockney was also recently rescued after getting stuck in an Amsterdam lift – was handed to the Dogs Trust to be nursed back to health with hopes that he will soon be able to be adopted.

Tiny Hockney weighed less than a bag of sugar

Adorable Hockney weighed less than a bag of sugar when he was found in a field (Image: Dogs Trust)

Hockney sitting with Dogs Trust carer

Hockney needed urgent veterinary care when he was found (Image: Dogs Trust)

Emma Cooper, assistant manager at Dogs Trust Leeds who is helping to care for Hockney, said: “Puppies of this age shouldn’t be away from their mother, let alone left to fend for themselves in a field.

“Hockney was seen immediately by a vet after being rescued and who said he wouldn’t have survived much longer as he was so cold. He hadn’t even been left with a blanket. He had worms and has mange, a skin disease, which is he is being treated for.”

It was still touch and go for Hockey after he was taken into care by the Dogs Trust because he would not feed.

Ms Cooper added: “At first he didn’t want to eat anything but his appetite is definitely improving and he is becoming more like the inquisitive puppy he should be at his age.

“We will be looking after him for a few weeks until he has fully recovered and then we will be looking for a wonderful forever home for him where he will continue to get all the love he deserves and needs to grow into a happy, healthy adult dog.

“We would like to remind everyone that if they are ever in a situation where abandonment is their only option, we and other charities can help.”

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Hockney the puppy eating food

Hockney the puppy enjoying his food (Image: Dogs Trust Evesham)

Last year the Dogs Trust celebrated the 40th anniversary of one of the most famous of all animal welfare slogans: “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.”

Yet, says the charity, it is still having to remind people to consider the long-term commitment of bringing a dog into their homes.

Hockney is too young to be adopted but the Dogs Trust’s veterinary team hope he will be available to be rehomed in the next two or three weeks.

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