Horse and dog who look like siblings thanks to matching coats are best friends

pictures of a horse and dog who are best friends
Just two good buddies chilling out (Picture: @eli_and_rumba/ Caters News Agency)
Meet Eli and Rumba, two best buds who love nothing more than going for walks together and frolicking in fields. Elizabeth de Val, also known as Eli, the seven-year-old paint horse and one-year-old Rumba – a border collie cross Australian shepherd – became best buds when the dog joined the family in 2020.

The pair have matching white and brown coats, making them look like they share an adorable family resemblance.

Their bond is such that Rumba even loves going for rides on Eli’s back.

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Owner Océane Delobe, 31, loves sharing the pair’s adventures and says they have a ‘special bond’. Océane, from the French Alps, explains: ‘I have a lot of horses and Rumba quickly got used to being around them.

‘Eli loves following Rumba when we go on hikes and if she can’t find her, she will quickly look for her.

‘She prefers hikes with Rumba and sees her as part of the gang now.

‘Rumba is very careful around the horses and respects their size well; she loves being outside exploring with Eli.

‘When I got Rumba, I didn’t actually know what she looked like as we reserved her before she was even born, so it was a total surprise that she had the same colourings as Eli.

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Oceane riding Eli the horse and holding Rumba the dog, both of whom are best buddies
‘Rumba comes with me anytime I go to see or ride Eli,’ said Océane (Picture: @eli_and_rumba/ Caters News Agency)

‘People always comment on how similar they look despite their huge size difference.’

Freelance estate agent Océane was initially worried the pair wouldn’t get along, but those concerns didn’t last long.

She adds: ‘I had been wanting a dog for as long as I can remember and after a series of events, I knew it was the right time to get one.

‘I had just lost one of my horses and needed to bring some more happiness into my life.

‘Rumba comes with me anytime I go to see or ride Eli.

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‘She has a lot of fun at the barn in Annecy with the other dogs, and in Val d’Isère the landscape is amazing and a real playground for her.’

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