HORRORS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY: Defenceless dogs are shot to make and electricity

KENNEL workers have shot dogs then taken their lifeless bodies to power stations to create gas and electricity, a shocking undercover investigation has revealed.

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Animals deemed unsuitable for hunting are killed and then slung into bins alongside foxes, badgers and partridge from shoots, footage obtained by energy firm Ecotricity has suggested.

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The company understands that the dogs are then taken to power plants and used to create gas and electricity through anaerobic digestion.

A six-month investigation funded by Ecotricity founder Dale Vince has allegedly discovered animals being used to fuel this process at undisclosed locations.Dale, 60, who is backing the Daily Express Green Britain Needs You campaign, said: "Millions of Brits will be shocked and disgusted to discover how hunts are treating their dogs, and will be horrified to find out their lights might be puppy-powered."

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Footage of alleged animal cruelty includes a kennel worker bouncing on the stomach of a dead cow while talking on a phone. Another clip shows someone driving a quad bike over a dead cow.

The videos, which were due to air on ITV last night, have been given to police.


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Animals deemed unsuitable for hunting are killed and then slung into bins (Image: Ecotricity)They contacted hunt sites which had been filmed. They all said they were subjected to routine inspections that ensured compliance with regulatory requirements, to which they all said they abided. Dale said: "Something really shocking was partridges that had been shot for fun, dumped in the bin and used to make electricity. We couldn't get our heads around that."

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He has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support more investigations into cruelty at hunt kennels across the country. He has also pledged to match every pound donated to the page. Dale added: "While there are millions of people in our country that care about what they eat, and they don't wear animal products, there are many millions more who are dog lovers. Dogs are being abused to make power and gas.

"This needs exposing and we're going to do more work on this."

To donate or find out more, visit https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/help-end-animal-cruelty-at-huntkennels

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IF SOMEONE told you that Britain burns animals to make electricity, you might think it was an internet conspiracy theory. After all, animal bodies are not famously combustible.

However, it's true.

We exposed the use of farm animals to make electricity and gas several years ago.

And today, we lift the lid on a new ingredient in our national energy supply - dogs. Not just any old dogs and not just a few.

Every year, 6,000 puppies are bred by hunt kennels.

Those deemed not good enough are shot.

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It doesn't end there. For every puppy that makes the grade, an adult aged five years old on average is shot instead. This is the brutal unseen side of fox hunting - which continues despite being illegal for more than a decade.

Our undercover investigation has exposed a grim reality. Not just the industrial scale breeding and killing of dogs, not just their bodies being dumped into open top bins to be fed on by crows, but shocking footage of the attitude of hunts people to animals - dead or alive.

Who among us would bounce up and down on a cow we'd just shot in the head - to feed dogs we will later shoot in the head - or indeed drive a quad bike back and forth over the poor creature?

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Dogs are not a source of green energy.

Millions of Britons will be shocked and disgusted to learn how hunts treat their dogs.

They will be horrified to find out that their lights might be puppy-powered.

We plan more undercover work to expose this systemic animal abuse and flagrant law breaking.

  • Dale Vince - Founder of Ecotricity

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