Horror of daily life in Ukraine laid bare by guide to walking dogs without being blown up

THE HORROR that Ukrainians face in their daily life has been revealed after a charity published guidance for people on how to walk their dogs without being killed.

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The advice comes from UAnimals, an animal rights organisation that has been rescuing and helping animals since the invasion of Ukraine began in late February. With a post on its social media platforms, the charity urges people to be alert when getting out to walk their beloved pets. Tragically, the charity says that “even a simple walk with an animal can be a threat to life” due to the terrifying situation in the country.

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UAnimals pleads for the information and “tips” to be shared as far and wide as possible so that people are aware of the dangers and try to protect themselves and their pets.

Firstly, the charity notes that people should only walk “familiar and studied paths”

If possible, people are advised to choose paved roads in parks where visitors are allowed or places where the path is clearly visible.

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UAnimals adds: “Definitely not allowed to walk on the beaches at the moment.”

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The organisation also discourages people from trying to walk in forests and fields, as “there is a high possibility of bumping into mines that are hidden by leaves”.

Animals and especially dogs are curious when they are being walked, therefore they can be attracted to deadly objects.

Person holding a small dog and a burning building

Animals in Ukraine are also suffering the horrific consequences of this war (Image: Getty)

A man plays with two dogs in Ukraine

Ivan Bolyakov, 25, feeds dogs with bread in the deserted southern Ukraine village of Zelenyi Hai (Image: Getty)

UAnimals advises: “Pay attention to what your pet smells or picks up from the ground.

“Explosives can be disguised as everyday objects.

“Avoid contact with toys, mobile phones, packages and other things if you see them on the street.

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“In case of finding a suspicious object, it is worth to contact the police.”

The petrifying advice continues as the organisation provides a description of what a landmine typically looks like, hoping to save people’s and animals’ lives.

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A dog walks in Ukraine

A dog walks part a burnt Russian APC, on April 2, 2022 in Dmytrivka, Kyiv region (Image: Getty)

Man and dog in damaged building

A man with a dog in a destroyed school in Zelenyi Haiin after it was hit by Russian rockets (Image: Getty)

According to the guidance, people must be wary of bold-coloured objects that can attract a dog's attention.

The guidance continues: “Avoid contact with things of a strange form.

Socialize your pet. This is especially important for puppies. Again – behavior problems are the number one reason dogs don’t stay with their families and don’t get adopted by new families. Lack of proper socialization can result in inappropriate fears, aggressive behavior, general timidity, and a host of other behavior problems that are difficult to extinguish once a dog is mature.

“For example, antipathy mine butterflies have an unusual shape, often attractive color and made of plastic, so they can draw your dog's attention.

“By no means do not allow him to approach them and immediately report such a finding to law enforcement.

“This way you can save the life of someone who may not notice the danger.”

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A woman walks her dogs in Kyiv

A woman with her dogs walks at a street in Kyiv (Image: Getty)


Russian forces have been extensively using landmines to target innocent civilians in Ukraine since the start of the invasion.

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On March 29, Human Rights Watch (HRW) issued a terrifying warning reporting that Russia is using banned antipersonnel mines in the eastern Kharkiv region.

The humanitarian organisation stated that antipersonnel mines were located by Ukrainian explosive ordnance disposal technicians.

HRW added: “Russia is known to possess these newly deployed landmines, which can indiscriminately kill and maim people within an apparent 16-meter range.”

And they called for the international community to condemn the use of the forbidden weapons.

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