Horror dog warning as breeders create ‘Frankenstein' puppies ‘unable to live healthy life'

"FRANKENSTEIN DOGS" are being illegally created by unlicensed "canine fertility clinics", according to a charity's investigation.

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These dogs are physically unable to live healthy, natural lives. Research by animal welfare charity Naturewatch Foundation found that people with no training or qualifications are giving prescription medicines and performing artificial insemination on dogs. The investigation found more than 120 of the horrific clinics in the UK. The clinics claim to offer veterinary services but are often run by people with no training.

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It goes on to describe the facilities as “laboratories”, creating Frankenstein puppies that “are destined to suffer for their looks”.This comes as an investigation found similar clinics in operation across Scotland, creating puppies to be sold for £40,000 each.One breed that is of particular concern is French bulldogs, a flat-faced breed that faces severe health problems throughout its life.

An estimated four-fifths of these pups are born by caesarean, as they have been bred to have narrow hips and large heads, making natural births dangerous.

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Their flat-faced nature also shortens their airways, limiting their ability to breathe.

French Bulldog

The breeders twist existing breeds, ignoring the health problems involved (Image: Getty)

This often requires surgery to fix.

But the traditional French bulldog isn’t the worst example - vets have warned that these dodgy dog breeders are creating animals with even worse health outcomes.

While they are naturally short-haired, the breeders are looking to subvert nature even further by creating “mutated” fluffy or hairless versions of the breed.

Aoibheann Canavan, a vet who has practised in Derby and Dublin, said: “The genetics are so mutated, they will have issues.”

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She added that ordinary short-haired Frenchies’ struggle to breathe meant that it was difficult for them to regulate their temperature by panting.READ MORE: Dad refuses to pay council tax so he can afford heating and food [INSIGHT]

French bulldogs

French bulldogs are some of the worst-affected dogs (Image: Getty)

Therefore, fluffy version are at an even greater risk of overheating.

She said: “They overheat on hot days with no nose, so now the fluffy ones will die even faster.

“That fluffy dog will die in two minutes [on a hot day]. It can’t go anywhere.”

A wildlife crime source told the Daily Record: “These clinics are springing up in every town and city.

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“Some are selling pedigree dogs at hugely inflated prices.

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The breeders create unique breeds of dog (Image: Getty)


“And some are offering their weird breeds for stud. But these are just people out to make a fast buck.

“They have no qualifications and no cares about the well-being of the strange dogs they are creating.”

Justine Shotton, the president of the British Veterinary Association, added: “We think [the problem is] increasing because of the demand of pandemic puppies and how much money these dogs are being sold for.

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“These ‘novelty’ puppies are bred just because they can be popular and novel online. That’s completely wrong and not in the best interests of welfare.

“Always speak to your vet before you decide to breed your dog or get a puppy. They can tell you if it’s right for your dog to be breeding or not.”

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