Heroic police dog covered in HUNDREDS of porcupine quills during manhunt – SHOCK pictures

A PRICKLY suspect is on the run after leaving a tenacious police dog peppered with 200 porcupine quills.

Odin the dog with face full of quills

Odin the K9 police dog was hit by 200 porcupine quills (Image: Coos County Sheriff's Office)

Heroic Odin was on the trail of a human suspect when he came face to backside with one nature’s most dangerous creatures. The porcupine used its notorious defence mechanism of flaring needle-sharp quills to leave Odin’s face looking like a pincushion. Luckily for the heroic German shepherd, none of the broadside of quills damaged his eyes and he will soon ready to return to the line of duty.

Coos County Sheriff’s Department in Oregon released pictures of Odin after his run in with the dangerous rodent.

They show Odin with scores of the barbed quills embedded in his muzzle, nose and mouth while being comforted by his loyal handler Sergeant Adam Slater.

Odin was on the trail of a 29 year old suspect on several felony warrants when he ran into the porcupine, a creature that produces a cheesy scent described as smelling like bad human body odour. Only the day before he had made his 80th arrest.

Captain Gabe Fabrizio from the county sheriff’s department praised Odin's tenacity, saying: “That dog is super-motivated and high energy. It didn’t slow him down. He’s a good boy.”

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Sergeant Adam Slater with Odin

Handler Sergeant Adam Slater comforts Odin after being zapped by 200 quills (Image: Coos County Sheriff's Office)

And he joked: “The porcupine was not apprehended. We’re putting out wanted bulletins as we speak.”

On a serious note, the sheriff’s office said once Odin had been injured the pursuit was suspended and the dog rushed to the Hansen-Meekins Animal Hospital where he was sedated and spent two hour having the embedded quills removed from around his eye and inside the mouth.

While the hunt is still on for the human suspect, Odin has been recovering with animal lovers across America wishing him well.

In a series of Facebook posts, Sergeant Slater shows how he was at his faithful K-9’s side as he underwent treatment.

Odin undergoing treatment to remove quills

Vets remove quills from Odin's head (Image: Coos County Sheriff's K9s/Facebook)

Odin before surgery with quills embedded in face

Odin before treatment with quills embedded in face (Image: Coos County Sheriff's Office)

Acknowledging the work of veterinarians and countless messages from well-wishers, he said: “Thank you so very much for all the outpouring of love and support for my friend.

"I cannot say how much you all mean to us.

“We were worried his left eye may have been injured but now it looks like it should be okay. He is very sore, unhappy and on meds, but he is home.”

And in later post, Sgt Slater added: “Odin is feeling much better… Although he looks kind of like Rocky, the pictures don’t do the swelling justice.

Some of the quills removed from Odin

Some of the 200 quills removed from Odin (Image: Coos County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

Handler Adam Slater comforting Odin

Handler Adam Slater comforting Odin (Image: Coos County Sheriff's Office/Facebook)

“He has had an amazing life and story.

"Odin captures his 80th direct suspect the day prior and when this happened he was closing in on suspect capture 81.

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"The man he was looking for had several felony warrants and had committed new crimes also.

"Odin is an amazing partner and I feel honoured to be a part of his team every time his paws hit the ground.”