Hero jumps in to tackle ‘berserk’ dog that was attacking commuters

A dog biting a man on the floor, man pinning dog on the floor. 
A man was filmed stepping in to help deal with an 'out of control' dog who attacked two commuters at New Malden train station.
Locals living in a flat overlooking the train station filmed the dog attacking a man and then being subdued (Pictures: Evening Standard)

This is the shocking moment a bystander stepped in to restrain an ‘out of control dog’ after it attacked commuters.

A dog broke free from its 22-year-old owner at 6.45pm on Friday, at New Malden station in London .

The woman was not able to keep hold of her dog’s lead as it pulled away from her and bit two people.

A man intervened to try and help the commuters being attacked, and the dog turned on him.

He ran away from the dog but the animal caught up with him and clung onto his bare legs.

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The man tried to kick the dog away but it kept coming back, getting dangerously close to his face at one point.

Eventually, he managed to get hold of the dog’s lead which he appeared to use to strangle the dog until it let go and he was able to pin it down.

Locals who live in a block of flats overlooking the train station filmed the dramatic tussle.

A dog biting a man on the floor.
The man tried to kick the dog off of him but the animal kept coming back to bite him (Picture: Evening Standard)
Man pinning dog on the floor.
Eventually, the man managed to use the dog’s lead to pin it on the floor (Picture: Evening Standard)

A commuter was treated at the scene and another was taken to hospital for injuries to their arms and legs.

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The dog was seized and is currently at a kennel being assessed.

Its owner was arrested on suspicion of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control. She has since been released under investigation.

A witness told the Evening Standard their neighbour claims to have seen the same dog attack a smaller dog at a nearby park.

‘Its owner should have them muzzled if that was true. The owner was irresponsible, it doesn’t look like the dogs have any training at all,’ the witness said.

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The Dangerous Dog Act 1991 makes it illegal for a dog to be out of control, attack or bite anyone.

A dog is considered ‘out of control’ if it hurts someone or makes them fearful because they believe they will get injured.

Depending on the situation, a person found to be in charge of an out of control dog can be fined or even sent to prison for up to six months.

A dog that is determined to be dangerous to people is usually euthanised.

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