'Hero' dog who helped find missing friend struggling to find new home

George the hero dog and a picture of Louis
George the hero is looking for a home (Picture: RSPCA)

A ‘hero’ dog has helped find his missing friend but he still awaits his forever home – can you help?

Two-year-old lurcher George hopes his heroic act will help win him the heart of a family. George was drafted in to help locate his anxious friend, Louis, who went missing a few days after being adopted by his new family. Staff at RSPCA Lancashire East branch, in Accrington, were delighted when Louis found his new home. However, a few days after being rehomed, the Saluki-cross got spooked while out on a walk and managed to slip out of his collar and harness.

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‘Louis was always a nervous boy by nature but, while he was with us, he and George struck up a beautiful friendship,’ says centre manager Jeanette Ainscough.

‘They adored each other so while we were thrilled when Louis found his new family we were heartbroken for George as he was left behind.

‘When Louis’s new owners got in touch to say he’d escaped during a walk we were very worried. ‘Despite lots of searching, the help of a local tracking group and numerous sightings, Louis was just too scared to allow anyone to approach him. RSPCA staff went out to help with the search too but had no luck.

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George smiling in the autumn leaves
George misses his friend Louis (Picture: RSPCA)
‘He’d been missing for well over 24 hours so we decided to bring in the big guns: George. Animal care assistant Emily took George to the area of Townley Park Louis had been seen in and walked him around the area.

‘They spent over two hours walking but, without a single sighting, they were just getting ready to call it a day when George stopped and froze to the spot, staring at a specific area in the distance.

‘Then, out of nowhere, Louis appeared. He calmly walked over to George and the two dogs happily greeted each other, tails wagging; pleased to be together again. Emily was able to slide a slip lead over Louis’s head and took him to his owners who were absolutely over the moon.

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George and Louis after Louis was found
George and Louis after Louis was found (Picture: RSPCA)

‘George loved his day out and was an absolute star, helping us to catch Louis. He was the hero of the hour! I’m sure that if George had not been with us we may still be looking for Louis today.’

George was first rescued after being abandoned in a wooded area. He was rehomed but his new owners couldn’t handle him so he was returned. The RSPCA was then asked to take him and work on his behaviour.

In June 2021, the work began on his high prey drive and over-excited nature.

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‘George is such a lovely boy but he does get over-excited sometimes and finds it difficult to contain his enthusiasm,’ Jeanette adds.

‘We believe he may have been used for hunting in the past so we’ve muzzle trained him and spent months working patiently with him to calm him down.

George lying down smiling in the grass
George is described as a ‘livewire’ (Picture: RSPCA)

‘It’s paid off because, although he is still excitable and boisterous, he has learned how to listen when he’s asked to calm down. He really is just a big, bouncy puppy at heart and we know he’ll make the most wonderful companion and pet for the right owner.’

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George has been available for rehoming since September but little interest has been made in him but staff hopes his heroics will change that.

George is described as a ‘livewire’ who needs an owner with energetic dog experience. He’d benefit from ongoing training and continued socialisation and while he loves other dogs, some can find him a little overwhelming. This means he’ll need to learn how to be calmer when meeting new dogs.

He needs to wear a muzzle when he’s off-lead as he does have a high chase instinct but he walks nicely on the lead and loves to get out and about. He’d like an active home and could live with other dogs, pending a successful introduction.

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He may need some time to settle into his new home and routine before new owners can begin teaching him how to be home alone.

Find out more about George on Find A Pet or contact the team at Altham Animal Centre on [email protected] or 01254 231118.

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