Hermès is selling a dog bowl for £960

hermes dog bowl
A bowl fit for canine royalty (Picture: Hermès/Getty)
We all love to pamper our pooches, but a new product from Hermès really takes the (dog) biscuit. The French designer has brought out a luxury dog bowl, crafted from oak wood and stainless steel.

However, to get your paws on the product you’ll have to fork out an eye-watering £960.

The bowl – which is inspired by the brand’s Chaine d’Ancre design – is ideal for sharing as it includes two different compartments, attached by a central magnet.

This means if you have two dogs, the bowl will work for both – or it will lend a helping hand when your four-legged friend has a fellow canine over.

Make a DIY Dog Sling for Added Support. Does your dog have arthritis or weak limbs? If your dog needs some extra support getting up & around you can make your own dog sling to help.

Alternatively, you could have water and food in different sections.

hermes dog bowl
Treat your pup (Picture: Hermès)

But perhaps the biggest shock of all is that the bowl has already sold out.

Hermès has said that an online restock will be coming soon but hasn’t confirmed exactly when.

The new addition is part of the brand’s latest collection of pet accessories for both dogs and horses.

Other extravagant pieces to feature in the range include leather dog leads, waterproof saddles and even a noise-reducing ear cover for horses.

Meeting your new puppy, kitten or any other pet can be an exciting experience. Your pet, however, has some adjusting to do. New sights, smells and sounds can be overwhelming for the little guy and keeping a calm household is important.

If you don’t fancy splashing out almost £1,000 on a bowl, there are cheaper doggy treats to snap up, such as the Aldi pet house – which comes with a balcony.

It’s available online now for £39.99.

Or, if you want to really push the boat out, Kennelstore recently launched a range of outdoor dog houses that can be designed to look exactly like your home .

But these don’t come cheap, with prices starting at £15,000 per dog house.

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INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR PET: There are approximately 600 million dogs in the world. It is estimated that nearly 400M of those dogs are strays.

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