Here is how you can communicate with your cat like a pro

If you think you are your cat’s favourite person, consider yourself lucky, as it is probably because they like your smell or you are the one that feeds them and plays with them the most. If you are a cat mom or dad, there are days when they might shower you with lots of attention and days where they might ignore you completely. Communicating with your kitty would be easier if you observe a few things about their body language.
Dr Anand Deshpande head of Veterinary Services at a pet care brand shares a few tips which make your life easy to communicate with your cat.

1. Watch your cat’s tail
If the tail is straight up and moving slowly with a curl, In the end, it means your feline is happy to see you, but if the tail fur is straight up along with a continuous purr, spitting or hissing sound, then your cat is feeling very angry, aggressive or even frightened.
2. Their eyes speak volumes
If you find your cat staring back at you with those dark, deep, all-knowing eyes, it means that he or she trusts you and is super comfortable around you, but if their pupils are dilated, then they might be feeling either playful or a little fearful. 3. Headbutting and nose rubs
When they start headbutting you or rubbing themselves against your legs, it just shows that they are marking you as their very own property and it's definitely a sign of friendliness. If you are lucky to get a ‘wet nose kiss’ it means that you have finally earned their affection.

Talkback to them in a high-pitched voice and make sure you watch their body language and listen to what sounds they make for demands and requests. Eventually, you will be able to understand their meows and purrs to decode their cattitude.

On the other hand, Dr Anil Roy suggests that be patient with your cat. “Feline animals take longer than usual to trust human beings around them. So developing a rapport with them might take time.”

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