Help your pets beat the heat with these cool accessories

If you feel it’s difficult to cope with the rising temperature, imagine what it must feel like for your fur buddy! Summers call for some extra care for your pets and we bring you a few summer essentials which will keep your pooch beat the heat.
Self-filling water bowl
Price- 250 to 1500 rupees
A jug of water is attached to the fully filled water bowl. As soon as the water level touches the low level, the jug automatically fills the bowl again. Gravity and the flow control valve is responsible for the abracadabra here!
Dog umbrella
Price- 599-1600 Rupees
With the sun beating down with all its might, even a little shade in the parching heat comes as a blessing. This umbrella is one such blessing which can be attached to your pet’s leash. It comes in detachable and foldable variants and can help keep your pet cool if you step out when the sun’s out.

Cooling collar
Price- 779-1859 Rupees
Dog collars come in handy for multiple reasons. Replace the regular collar with a cooling collar, and you have another reason to add to that list. These collars can be filled with an ice pack to keep your pet cool!

Smart water bowl
Price- 449-3999 Rupees
These bowls have a gel core which keeps the water cool for hours at a stretch. Just put the bowl in the freezer till the gel freezes, then bring it out, pour water and that’s a few hours of cool water supply for your pooch!

Cooling mats
Price- 500-2399 Rupees
Pets tend to get uneasy when it comes to sleeping on their beds during summers. Cooling mats help in such cases by cooling down the body temperature. Depending on the size of your pet you can read up and buy one for them.

Hydrating chew toys
Price- 275-999 Rupees
Keeping pets hydrated is a challenge. These hydrating chew toys can be filled with ice cubes which melt and keep your pet hydrated. You can fill it with flavored water as well, after checking with your vet.
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Make sure your pet is in good company. Pets get lonely and depressed just like people do when they spend too much time alone. Cats are generally better on their own, but dogs and especially puppies don’t do well left to their own devices for extended periods of time.

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