Heartbreak of unwanted rescue dog waiting more than half her life for loving home

AN UNWANTED rescue dog has been waiting more than half her life for a forever home.

Tokyo the rescue dog is given treats while he waits for a home

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Tokyo, a two-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross, came into the care of Woodgreen Pets Charity in March 2021 after she struggled sharing her home with another dog. But more than 400 days later she is still waiting at the Cambridgeshire centre to be picked by adopters.

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The charity has now launched a special appeal to finally find loving owners for Tokyo.Steph Monk, Tokyo’s main carer, said: “If you’re someone who doesn’t take life too seriously, you’d be perfect for Tokyo.

"She can offer you fun, memories and so much more – although she’s very energetic and enjoys her quiet walks and playtime, she’s a cuddly couch potato at heart.

"In return, you would need to give her a stable routine, continue her training and understand that she has some quirks that need guidance.

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Tokyo has been waiting more than half her life for a forever home (Image: WOODFIELD PETS CHARITY)"As long as you’re an understanding person, she’s very easy to make friends with and we all absolutely love her at Woodgreen.”

Tokyo is looking for an experienced owner who will continue her training around other dogs and strangers.

She needs to be the only pet in a quiet adult-only home however she can meet other dogs on walks with careful introductions.

Tokyo can be nervous of new people but is described as very affectionate when she gets to know you.

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Tokyo has been waiting more than 400 days for a home to call her own (Image: WOODFIELD PETS CHARITY)

She enjoys playing with toys, learning new tricks and has already learned how to do a high five.

Natalie Powdrill-Wells from Woodgreen said: “We are appealing to anyone who could offer a home to a dog who is most in need, like Tokyo.

"It won’t always be easy and there will be challenges along the way, but the rewards will be immense.

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“You’ll have to love them as they are, quirks and all, and recognise that they may never be the perfect all-round dog who can happily interact with strangers and other pets.

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"But in the comfort of their home, where they can relax, they’ll be a wonderful addition to your family and will repay your commitment many times over.”

Find out more about Tokyo here.

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