Have you ever thought if dogs dream?

Well, it isn't scientifically certain that dogs dream or not, but it is nearly impossible to imagine that they don't. If you're a dog parent, you'd know how your dog demonstrates behaviours in his sleep which makes you fully assured that your dog is dreaming. Paddling legs, growling, whining, wagging his tail, twitching his nose are a few sights that we've all caught in dogs while they are sleeping.
According to a study, researchers found out that memories play at the same speed during sleep for dogs as when they are awake. Hippocampus, the portion of the brain that collects and stores memories is pretty much wired in a similar way in all mammals. If you compare a hippocampus of a rat with that of a dog, or of a cat with that of a human, they all contain the same pieces. The study believes that dogs sleep and images of past events replay in their minds in a much similar way as it does in human minds while dreaming.

Even dogs experience periods of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep when their breathing becomes irregular and shallow. They may even experience muscle twitching during REM and if you look closely, rapid eye movements, vocalizing, paddling etc can also be observed while they are in deep sleep.

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