Happy fur ear

New Year is a new beginning, for us and for our furry friends as well. It’s time to rejoice the happy moments spent together and look forward to another year of love and happiness. While you enjoy a New Year party with your friends and family, do not forget to involve your pooch in the festivities. Here’s how you can make it a Happy Fur Year too!

1. Be a couch potato:
Some of us enjoy partying all night, while a few just like to be couch potatoes and enjoy watching favourite movies or just watch TV. If you happen to be in the latter group, just cuddle up with your pooch and enjoy some movies together. You can even watch a few dog movies.

2. Call over some dog-friendly people: If you like to party, call over some dog-friendly people and if they are dog
owners too, then it is an icing on the cake. Let them bring their pets along and have a ‘pawrty’ all night!

3. Bake his favourite treat: Take out some time to bake his favourite treat. You are sure that your pooch will keep you company throughout the process and savour the delicacies.

4. A dog calendar this year: Personalised calendars are very much in vogue. Create your own calendar with your doggy pictures, get it printed and let it sit pretty on your desk.

5. Time for new training: You can always teach a new trick to an old dog. New Year is a perfect time for new training. Teach him a new trick; he will be pleased to see you pleased.

6. Get regular with their walks: With hectic schedules, sometimes it becomes difficult for us to regularly take out our furry friends for their walks. Ensure that they are properly exercised to avoid behavioural issues.

7. Be careful while buying treats: Sometimes, we do not bother to look into the contents of dog treats. This New Year, let’s become health-conscious for our dogs. Check the contents of the treat. You can even feed them raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber and tomatoes. Find which one your dog likes. These are healthy options for your dogs.

8. Give him a well-balanced nutritious diet: Your pet needs a well-balanced diet. Talk to your vet to find the right diet for your pet.

9. Be regular with vaccinations: Never ignore your pet’s vaccinations and regular vet visits. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. If you notice something peculiar about your pet, take him to a vet immediately.

10. Reinforce positive behaviour at all times: Reward your pet when he behaves properly; pet him, give him a treat or just hug him. He will get the hint – he has to behave in a particular manner to win that attention.

11. Gift him your commitment: As pets get old, it becomes difficult to take care of him/her. But, this is the time when your pet wants you by his side. So, gift him your commitment for life.

12. Cuddle him, pet him every day: You are the world to your dog. Take time every day to spend some quality time with your pet. Cuddle and let your pet know you love him/her.

By Varsha Verma

www.dogsandpupsmagazine.com; www.facebook.com/Dogsandpupsmag

Pet fact
Otitis externa, the inflammation of the outer ear canal is the most common ailment in dogs.
Signs to watch: The skin that lines the outer ear often becomes red, itchy, and painful. Pus, waxy material, and other debris can accumulate. Ear problems can cause head shaking, scratching and rubbing, a foul odour, irritability and abnormal behaviour. It even leads to hearing loss if the problem is not tackled in time.
— Dr Umesh Kallahalli

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