Guinea pig befriends dogs with exact same black and white markings

margo the guinea pig and border collie Jenson
Twins (Picture: Caters)

Light-hearted animal content is just the tonic the world needs right now.

A baby guinea pig has struck up an unusual friendship with two Border Collies who share the exact same markings as her. Five-month-old Margo, who lives in Somerset with owner Jenna Wells, has formed strong bonds with the family’s two dogs – six-year-old George and nine-year-old Jenson.

The little guinea pig shares the exact same coat pattern as the canines, with black patches over her eyes and back and white blazes on her snout and around her neck.

Margo and Jenson
Margo and Jenson have the exact same markings (Picture: Caters News Agency)
Margo with Border Collies Jenson and  George
Margo has become close with her brothers, George and Jenson (Picture: Caters News Agency)
Jenna said: ‘Margo has become really famous thanks to her Collie-like markings. ‘She also gets along well with George and Jenson.

‘The dogs are teaching her how to pose with them, George loves to watch her and he could walk her all day.

‘George loves to try and herd her and our other guinea pig, Mabel, up.’
Jenson and Margo
Best buds (Picture: Caters News Agency)
The trio have become a hit on social media, as Jenna regularly posts pictures of the animals hanging out.

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Followers have been quick to comment on Margo’s Collie-like markings and how much she looks like a miniature replica of Jenna’s eldest dog, Jenson.

One user commented: ‘It’s hilarious how their colours are perfectly matched!’

Another one said: ‘This is the cutest thing I have ever seen.’

But it seems Margo isn’t the only guinea pig making unlikely friends in lockdown. A bald guinea pig called Luis has been adopted by a family of Sphynx cats in Spain . Luis can often be found cuddling the cats on the sofa or climbing on their backs.
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