Group of rescue chicks become best friends with adorable Labrador

labrador and group of chicks
Ruby the Labrador and the little chicks (Picture: Jadene Maloy/SPLITPICS UK)

We’ve seen a lot of unlikely friendships emerge over recent months.

From the bald guinea pig who was adopted by a family of Sphynx cats to the wombat and the koala who became best buds in lockdown . But it seems there’s a new alliance that we cannot get enough of – a bunch of rescue chicks have become best friends with an adorable Labrador. The group of partridge chicks – who had become separated from their mother – were found by farm worker Jadene Moloy.
labrador and chicks
Best buds (Picture: Jadene Maloy/SPLITPICS UK)
labrador and chicks
Ruby wanted to make sure the chicks were warm (Picture: Jadene Maloy/SPLITPICS UK)
She quickly put them in a box to protect them from predators – but her five-year-old dog Ruby played her part, too.

The Labrador acted as babysitter for the little birds and the group soon struck up a lovely friendship.

Owner Jadene said Ruby even went as far as to get inside the box with the chicks, so they could snuggle up to her for warmth. Jadene said: ‘I boxed them up and took them back to our tea hut where Ruby met and fell in love with them. She climbed into the cardboard box and the chicks nestled up into her fur. She was obsessed.’

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The animals formed such a bond that some heartwarming photos show the chicks posing comfortably on the canine’s head.

labrador and chicks
So cute (Picture: Jadene Maloy/SPLITPICS UK)
labrador and chicks
Pretty content (Picture: Jadene Maloy/SPLITPICS UK)
ruby on a horse with owner Jadene
Owner Jadene and Ruby (Picture: Jadene Maloy/SPLITPICS UK)

Ruby’s sweet nature made her perfect for chick-caring duties.

Jadene added: ‘Ruby is the biggest bundle of joy, she’s so full of energy and always wags her tail so much that her whole-body waggles too.

‘She always has the biggest grin on her face. She’s not just a dog, she’s my best friend. Wherever I go she’s right there beside me.’

ruby the Labrador
Ruby is a sweet-natured dog (Picture: Jadene Maloy/SPLITPICS UK)

But Ruby’s babysitting wasn’t required for very long, as Jadene managed to find the lost mother partridge who had become separated from her babies.

We love a happy ending.

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