Grieving family touched by ‘angel’ vet's letter after beloved dog put down

A FAMILY have been left speechless after receiving a letter from their vet after they put their dog down.

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The unknown family received a touching letter from their vets after having to put down their 18-year-dog known as Sunny. The family were struggling with grief over their loss until they received a letter from an "angel" called Helper who claimed to be keeping an eye on their beloved dog in heaven.

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The family said: "We had to put down our dog. He was 18.

"We got this letter from our vet. No words right now."

The letter reads: "Hello. My name is Helper. I am an angel.

"There are a lot of angels in Heaven and we all have different jobs.

Grieving family mourn loss of dog

Grieving family mourn loss of dog (Image: Getty)

Image of a dog graveyard

Image of a dog graveyard (Image: Getty)

"My job is to write to people and let them know that their pets have arrived in Heaven.

"One of the head angels told me that you were worried about Sunny and asked me to write you about him."

The angel went on to say how Sunny was "doing just swell" in heaven.

It continued: "I know that he was ill when he was with you.

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Man's best friend

Man's best friend (Image: Getty)


"He had gotten very old and when you get old, your body is not as strong as it used to be.

"Sunny was tired and I think maybe he knew that it was time to come here.

"And it is a good thing he did because now he is not old anymore and he isn't sick either.

"In fact, I saw him just a little while ago and he was running and jumping with some other dogs and having a great time."

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Stock image of a dog

Stock image of a dog (Image: Getty)

The angel added how Sunny has been missing them but wants them to know that he will see them again one day.

The letter went on: "Sunny misses you and hopes that you understand he had to come here.

"I am sure that one day Sunny will be there to greet you when you come here and you will have a grand reunion.

"Until then, we will keep him busy and happy. Here we don't have time like you do.

Stock image of dogs

Stock image of dogs (Image: Getty)

"It never gets dark. It is just one long day. And everyone here is your friend, so don't worry.

"Sunny is not ever going to be lonely.

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"Someday when he sees you again, it will be like you were never apart.

"Don't feel sad. Sunny is just fine.

"He is happy and he sends his love to you."

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