Granddad invents adorable moped dog carrier to cheer up Jack Russell

Missy comp
Missy loves whipping around on the back of Kirsty’s moped (Picture: Jam Press)
Kirsty MacDonald, from Dumfries, was left devastated when one of her two Jack Russells, Buddy, died while she was away on a family holiday. Her other dog, nine-year-old Missy, started becoming more reclusive and withdrawn after losing her best friend. ‘Missy could tell there was something wrong when buddy wasn’t around, she is already an anxious, wee dog and became slightly reclusive,’ said Kirsty’s son, Corey Macdonald.
Missy on the back of Kirsty's moped
When Buddy died, Missy became really withdrawn and anxious (Picture: Jam Press)
Luckily, Kirsty’s father, Ian, saved the day with an ingenious and adorable invention. Ian decided to cheer Missy up by creating a dog carrier to be placed on the back of Kirsty’s moped, so she could take her pup on trips out of town. And the results are as ridiculously cute as you would imagine. Ian bought a dome from eBay and cut a whole into it with a knife, which was just big enough for Missy’s head.

He then fastened it to the back of Kirsty’s moped with bits and pieces from his shed.

Missy in the moped carrier
Missy now has an option for summer or winter travel (Picture: Jam Press)

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‘I just cut it out with a sharp modelling knife and had the rest in my shed,’ explains Ian, who’s a retired factory supervisor.

‘I used four bolts, four studs from the bottom of a suitcase, and four domed nuts.

‘It took me about an hour to make, but I had to order things in from eBay.’ A true handyman and lifesaver. But Ian didn’t stop there.

He has now made both a summer and winter edition of of the doggy carriers.

For the chilly months, Ian has fastened a detachable round shamed glass dome on top of the box to protect Missy from the cold and rain.

Kirsty posted pictures of Missy in the dome-shaped carrier on Snapchat and her son, Corey, posted them on his Twitter page – along with a snap of Missy wearing a pair of googles. Obviously, everyone loves it.

The tweets have gained more than 36.3K likes and 3.9K retweets, as dozens of users commented on the adorable photos.

Missy on the back of Kirsty's moped
Kirsty’s son posted the pics on social media and people went wild (Picture: Jam Press)

‘Omg we need one if these for our puppers!!!’ wrote one Twitter user.

‘This is the greatest use of a moped I’ve ever seen,’ added someone else.

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Missy can’t get enough of rides in the back of Kirsty’s moped, especially during breezy summer months, Corey said. And she loves being near her owner now that her best pal Buddy has gone. ‘Missy loves it she loves sticking her head out the car windows and loves the back of the bike,’ says Corey.

‘The Twitter picture was just a joke. My mother has some dog goggles before my grandfather added the clear domed roof.

‘People think it’s brilliant it definitely something you don’t see every day.

‘Some people have made jokes about it but it’s all been in good spirit as long as Missy’s happy and gets her day trips to the forest.’

Molly’s definitely living her best life – her anxious days are long behind her.

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