Good dog fetches bag of Cheetos from shop for his quarantined owner

Dog with a sign to get Cheetos from the shops
The goodest boy (Picture: Anthony Munoz)

You might not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but in the coronavirus pandemic even our furry friends are stepping up to the task.

One chihuahua is managing to carry out errands for his quarantined owner.

Antonio Munoz from Mexico had been self-isolating for three days when he started craving a bag of Cheetos. Currently, Mexico’s lockdown measures are similar to those of the UK: Schools, non-essential stores are closed while food shops and restaurants remain open for delivery. Unable to leave his house as a crisp craving isn’t considered essential (sadly), Anthony decided to see if his beloved pet Chokis would be up to the task.
With the store only a stone’s throw away, Chokis was equipped with a note attached to his collar and the exact change needed for the Cheetos.
Dog fetches quarantine snacks for owner. Antonio Munoz.
Getting the job done (Picture: Anthony Munoz)

Though he was a bit nervous at first, he was soon packing the goods.

Chokis has done the run three times now.

What a clever dog.

The note on Chokis’ collar read: ‘Hello sir of the store, can you sell my dog ​​some orange – not red – Cheetos. In his collar he brings $20. If you don’t take good care of my dog, he will bite. From, the neighbour across the street’.

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Lo and behold, one bag of Cheetos was delivered to him.

selfie of Antonio Munoz.
Lucky man (Picture: Anthony Munoz)
Anthony told ‘Chokis delivered the Cheetos this time and on two other occasions but for different potato chip flavours’.

If only we could train our pets to do the same.

Chokis the dog
When he’s not at work (Picture: Anthony Munoz)

And if you’re wondering whether it’s safe for Chokis to be out and about then don’t worry, it’s not a massive threat.

There have been a number of reports about dogs catching coronavirus, but apparently this isn’t a reason to be concerned .

Dr Jessica May, UK Lead Vet at video vet service, FirstVet says: ‘The most frequent questions that pet owners ask our vets are: Can my pet get COVID-19, and can humans catch the virus from their pets?
note attached on dog fetching crisps
Anthony’s not at all threatening note (Picture: Anthony Munoz)
‘The short answer is no: there are currently no suspicions that pets can be infected, or that they can spread COVID-19 to humans.’

Coronavirus is a broad term and encompasses many different strands, as it stands, animal coronaviruses are not showing increased numbers.

INTERESTING FACT ABOUT YOUR PET: The Saluki is the world’s oldest dog breed. They appear in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 2100 B.C.

So it’s unlikely your pet can make you ill.

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