Goldie Hawn introduces her and Kurt Russell's newest family member — a puppy

Good boy, Roy!

Goldie Hawn revealed that she and her longtime partner, Kurt Russell, recently welcomed a new furry family member: a puppy named Roy.

“Look what Santa rescued for me 🎅🏼 Introducing Roy Hawn Russell ❤️,” Hawn captioned an of herself holding up the cute pup, which looks like either a golden retriever or Labrador.Her Santa reference was likely a playful callout to the couple's recent Netflix Christmas movie, “The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2,” in which they played Santa and Mrs. Claus.Comments flooded in about the family’s cute new addition, including one from January Jones, who wrote, “Gimme that puppy!!!”
Others guessed in the comments that the puppy’s name is a reference to Hawn’s 1987 romantic comedy, “Overboard.” In the cult classic movie, Hawn’s character suffers from amnesia and thinks that one of her apparent sons is named Roy.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell talk about their long-lasting relationship

Hawn , 75, and Russell, 69, already have several dogs at home. Last January, Hawn shared a photo of their four pups posing adorably for the camera.

“I just had to post this. My kitchen is alive with love,” she wrote in the caption.

In November, Hawn shared a video of herself snuggling with one of her dogs, which appears to be a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, as she delivered a message for World Kindness Day.

Keep Them Active. Energy varies between breeds, says Dr. Becker. “Greyhounds, Labs, Golden Retrievers, Jack Russell Terriers, Border Collies, and other active breeds have unfathomable energy.” He continues, “wolves spend 80% of their time awake, moving. With cats, there’s not such an exercise requirement,” but providing outlets for play at home is still crucial. For both cats and dogs he recommends food-dispensing that “recreates the hunt,” and puzzle feeders that engage your pet’s “body and mind.”

Back in 2017, she also shared a cute picture of herself bonding with one of her other pups.

“Love has no boundaries,” she captioned the photo.

Little Roy will no doubt fit right into their adorable, dog-friendly family!