Golden Retriever with terminal cancer ticks off his bucket list

Theo the dog on the beach and in a plane
Theo has been ticking lots off his list (Picture: Caters)

A Golden Retriever with terminal cancer is enjoying as much as he possibly can in the time he has left.

The 13-year-old dog called Theo is in the process of working his way through a bucket list of activities, compiled by foster mum Jenny Leech. Jenny, from Illinois, fostered the elderly dog after he was abandoned in a car park earlier this year. Theo’s love for life prompted Jenny to compile an enormous bucket list of things for him to experience. She said: ‘The bucket list ranges from the simple things in life such as a bite of pizza or a puppachino at Starbucks to starring on our local news TV show.

‘He has been a guest to business opening nights, the fire station and even been in a small plane used for skydiving.

‘Someone also took him for a ride in their convertible which he loved so much.’

Theo the dog at a party
He loves new activities (Picture: Caters)
Theo has been busy swimming (with the help of an inflatable), attending a blind picnic date, hiking and hanging out at a brewery. Jenny said: ‘He is a happy dog despite being so sick, we don’t know how he ended up abandoned but he has a love for life.

‘His reaction to new things and experiences prompted me to put a bucket list on Facebook – it grew from there.

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‘People have been so generous and have sent Theo new toys, treats and even hosted parties for him.

Theo at an outdoor cinema
A dreamy set up (Picture: Caters)

‘I want him to enjoy whatever time he has left.’

Vets haven’t given Jenny an exact time frame of how much longer Theo has left, so the mum-of-three is just taking each day as it comes.

Theo’s testicular cancer has now spread so he is unable to walk – but that hasn’t stopped him.

Jenny added: ‘The generosity from others has been phenomenal. Theo wags his tail all of the time.

Theo the dog riding in a skydiving plane
Theo in the skydiving plane (Picture: Caters)

‘If he didn’t have external masses then nobody would even know he is sick.

‘He is loved by everyone and even my cat likes him!

‘I am so happy I fostered him and I plan on bringing him on more adventures whilst we have him.’

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