Gift your furry friends a pawsome Deepavali this year

Mindfulness and inclusivity have become the mantra after the pandemic for every celebration. This also means ensuring our furry friends aren’t left behind. It is no surprise then that this Deepavali gives pet parents options aplenty when it comes to ensuring their children have a swell time along with them. Ganesh Ramani, country head, MARS Petcare, reveals, “The demand for pet products is now much more than what the normal used to be pre-COVID. I would attribute this to the fact that pet parents have spent a lot more time with their pets during the lockdown and work from home phases, which has led parents to indulge them with a lot of products. Additionally, a lot more people, especially those who live alone, have adopted pets over the last few months. This Diwali will obviously see more parents buying treats for them.”

Clothing options aplenty
Many designers, both veterans and young, have forayed into specialised pet outfits on order. “We love to upload special pictures on social media during times of celebration. Why leave our dogs behind. A coordinated outfit for the pets – even a scarf or a waistcoat – can make all the difference,” says actress Aindrita Ray.
A cool hamper for the pets
Ishmeet Singh Chandiok, founder of Harley’s Corner, says gift hampers curated specially for furry babies and their parents are in demand this Diwali. “The hamper consists of Chicken Paw-Cakes with activated charcoal to aid in your pet’s digestion, a salt free chicken broth with herbs and chicken and a packet of protein packed Munchies which aid in dental hygiene as well. These are some of the goodies you can gift your pooches so they go wagging their tails and enjoy the festivities as much as you do,” he says.

Gift them a holiday
Many pet parents look at heading out of the city to stay away from the noise and pollution during Diwali.
Of late, with a lot more resorts and holiday destinations becoming pet friendly, there are more reasons to take your pet along, on that short or long vacation.

Indulge them with treats such as cakes, doughnuts and ice cream, too
Many specialised services offer treats for dogs, which include cakes, ice cream, waffles, doughnuts and more. “Discerning pet parents, who treat their pets as their children, study what is good for them. Now, a lot of people are not just buying cakes and other desserts for their own pets, but also giving them out as gifts to friends who are pet parents. During festivals, the focus often shifts away from pets to family and friends. To ensure they do not feel left out, a few gifts for them are thoughtful,” says Ishmeet.

A spa day for your petActress Parul Yadav says that she loves to gift her ‘son’ Pluto treats. Treats could include things like a day out in the park or at the spa. “We love to pamper ourselves every now and then, so why not gift our babies a day out in the spa and make them feel special. This is an ideal gift,” she points out.

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