Geronimo owner disputes decision to kill alpaca after post-mortem

GERONIMO'S owner called for Environment Secretary George Eustice to resign yesterday after she claimed a post-mortem showed no trace of Bovine TB.

Geronimo with owner Helen

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Helen Macdonald, whose alpaca was destroyed by officials from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, spoke at a protest outside its offices in Whitehall. She said: "We call on the secretary of state to tender his resignation immediately."

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Helen told the Justice for Geronimo supporters: "Geronimo touched the world. He was loved and precious to very many people.

"I will do him the honour of fighting for him and making sure his legacy lives on for all animals."

Helen and protesters at Whitehall yesterday

Helen and protesters at Whitehall yesterday (Image: PA)Geronimo was put down last week after twice testing positive for Bovine TB. Helen requested a copy of the post-mortem examination.Lawyers for Helen, from South Gloucestershire, said she received a letter from officials with initial tests that found TB-like lesions. These were then reviewed by vets who are supporting Helen.

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Geronimo being escorted away

Geronimo was put down last week after twice testing positive for Bovine TB (Image: PA)


Her lawyers said: "As reviewed by Dr Iain McGill and Dr Bob Broadbent, the preliminary gross postmortem findings are negative for visible lesions typical of Bovine Tuberculosis."But the Government's chief vet Dr Christine Middlemiss, said: "TB-like lesions were found and are undergoing further investigation."

Owner Helen Macdonald

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