George H.W. Bush's service dog shares his life with the world in Instagram posts

Many of us get a day off on the Fourth of July, but the newest member of former President George H.W. Bush's family, Sully, is actually doing double duty.

In addition to his service dog duties for his 94-year-old boss, Sully was tapped to blog about his day on We the Dogs DC's Instagram page for the Fourth of July.

George H.W. Bush's service dog does a social media takeover

In his first post, he told us his age and showed off a little stuffed friend:

"We specifically wanted Sully to hold the handle for our account because we thought it would be a great way to highlight the important work that service dogs do, and our Instagram is a great platform for sharing those kinds of things with the community," Amber Duggan, We the Dogs DC executive director, told TODAY.

Sully also shared how he spends his early hours:

And showed us how he helps former President Bush:

We also got a glimpse of Sully hanging out at the well-shod (and well-socked) foot of the master:

We the Dogs is a nonprofit that supports animal rescue organizations in the Capitol area that's been around since August 2017. The small group of five volunteer women who lead the organization have a genuine love of dogs, and hope to "bring the community together to benefit the local organizations that need it most," said Duggan.

And finally Sully sent a last, patriotic farewell:

Sully totally fit right in! As for We the Dogs, in the future they hope to get another former president's dogs to post for the account: Barack Obama's pups, Sunny and Bo.

Thanks to Sunny and We the Dogs for showing us how he keeps ruff and ready!

Former President George H.W. Bush gets his own service dog named Sully

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