Galah parrot: A galah cockatoo waits for its missing mate

For the past one week, Galahs has been grieving, waiting for the love of her life. Her mate Galah, with whom she has been living for the past two-and-a-half years, has been missing. Both Galahs and Galah are galah cockatoos bought by Figi Philip for Rs 1.60 lakh, with whom they have been living in Puthiyakavu, Ernakulam.
On November 18, when Figi returned home, Galah wasn’t in his cage. “When I asked Galahs, she showed me how Galah flew away from the cage,” says Figi. “Galahs used to be a cheerful and energetic bird, but now she’s extremely sad. They both were friendly and used to exchange food, before having it. Now, she’s not eating anything and I am feeding her a liquid diet.”

After the four-year-old pink-and-grey cockatoo went missing, Figi took Galahs around the house and to nearby places to reach out to Galah. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t find him. Someone said that they heard Galah’s cry nearby in the night and we also went there to look. Now, Galahs isn’t even crying as she is really upset,” the pet parent adds.

This is also the breeding time for the galah cockatoos. “Galahs was preparing to lay eggs; she had feathers arranged in the box and now I wonder whether she will lay eggs,” he says. Figi says he is planning to wait some more time. “Even if I get a new one, it would be difficult for the two birds to gell quickly,” he says.

Meanwhile, aviculturist Ranjith VM says the possibility of getting Galah back is high. “These rose-breasted cockatoos are hyperactive and sensitive, so given a chance, they might fly away. But they would be within 5km radius of the house,” he says.

Ranjith explains that this isn’t a one-off instance as last week an African grey parrot in Kochi broke its cage and escaped, only to return a week later. “A macaw in Pala also came back after almost a month. Usually, the birds return on hearing its mate’s call,” he says, adding most probably someone would have hosted it.

He asks to note the identification ring number of the bird’s leg and file a police complaint. “Also, it is important to take care of the other one as it would be distressed,” he explains.

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