From new hairstyle to fancy raincoats; furry pooches look their best this monsoon

Monsoon season can turn out to be quite unpleasant for the pets at home. Skin infection, digestive disorders, body odour along with a whole host of other health problems is common for the canine community and cats. To avoid this situation, pet parents ensure they take extra care of their pets this season…
Falling prey to parasites is the biggest trouble for dogs, especially during monsoon, and to curb this, pet owners are ensuring that their pooches remain always clean. Dina Joseph, a makeup artist from Pune, who owns a Labrador pooch, says, “My pet is a five-month-old and my dad or I take her out for a walk daily. Immediately after returning, we check that her foot pads are free from ticks and other hazardous parasites. I clean her footpads with lukewarm water mixed with some anti-septic and later dry the spaces between her paws with a towel to avoid fungal infection. Also, every alternate day, I apply anti-bacterial lotion prescribed by my veterinary doctor.”

Furry woes in this season Due to the high humidity level, pooches tend to smell bad if not taken care of properly. Architect Samira Ahuja shares how she got rid of the problem of body odour of her pug Rinku. “I use antiseptic neem shampoo while giving a bath to my pug, which deeply cleanses his body, kills infection and remove bad odour.” says Shilpa and adds, “Since pugs have a fishy smell in them, I dry him off properly and spray medicated talc followed by a relaxing massage.”
Mumbai-based vet Dr Shikha Sakluja, advises getting pets vaccinated in monsoon to avoid health worries. He shares, “Rainy season is usually the breeding ground for water-borne diseases and other intestinal and stomach infections. So, one must take care that the pet is drinking clean water and ensure that they are given all the required vaccines. Keep their sleeping area free of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and bugs.”

Monsoon is all about style for these babies

“Since the rainy season is on, I don’t want my pets—two Dalmatians and one beagle— to get wet. Since morning and evening walks are a must for them, I have ordered raincoats from an online shopping site so they can enjoy going out with us. They also have designer overcoats already for winter which I had bought them online,” says Zubi Khanna, real estate owner.

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