Frida, the emblematic Mexcian rescue dog, is sick

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process. Her name is Frida and anyone who has been aware of what was happening in Mexico in the days that followed September 19, 2017 knows who she is. Yesterday a source revealed that he is in poor health . The rescue dog stole our hearts as she worked tirelessly to find survivors in the rubble of fallen buildings. Dressed in a vest, safety goggles and small neoprene booties to protect her paws, the honey-colored Labrador restored hope to a country that had once again been hit by an earthquake.
Although it was only one of the 20 canine pairs that participated in the rescue efforts, the animal became a trend on Twitter, perhaps due to its active participation in searching the rubble of the Enrique Rébsamen school. Throughout her career, Frida rescued 12 people alive and located the bodies of 40 bodies in disaster areas in Haiti, Ecuador and Mexico, where she also participated looking for victims after the explosion at the Pemex Tower.

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On June 24, 2019, within the framework of International Rescue Day, Frida was decorated by the Mexican Navy for her work and it was announced that, at 10 years, 2 months and twelve days of age, the dog was retiring. At the ceremony, the then Undersecretary of the Navy, Eduardo Redondo, commented: "Her barking was always a cause for hope and in moments of pain and uncertainty, Frida relieved us ."After her hard work as a rescuer, Frida was given up for adoption.Today we know that Frida is ill. Yesterday, the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (SEMAR) announced that the dog is in poor health. “Frida is exhausted by old age. Her life is not in danger, but she is delicate..." reported a rescuer.Given the , the hashtags #Frida and #GraciasFrida became a trend on various social networks.

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I find out that #Frida , the rescue dog, is in poor health. At #CDMX we will be eternally grateful for your help in rescuing lives after #19S . #GraciasFrida , you are our heroine! #mm

– Miguel Ángel Mancera (@ManceraMiguelMX)
The Secretary of the Navy announces that the beloved and admired Frida, 12 years old, is in poor wishes to herPhoto: Santiago Arau– MotherSemestrosa (@MadreSemestrosa)