French Bulldog’s face balloons after owner cleaned kitchen floor

dog allergic reaction
Leanne Lindsay, 42, ‘thought 14-month-old Pixie was going to die’ (Picture: Caters News)

A puppy’s face was left majorly swollen after a suspected allergic reaction to a cleaning product.

Owner Leanne Lindsay, 42, said her 14-month-old French bulldog Pixie started struggling to breathe hours after she used Fabulosa products.

She ‘thought her baby girl was going to die’ as she rushed to the vet with the dog who took five days to recover.

Fabulosa has launched an investigation, with a spokesperson saying an allergic reaction is ‘a very rare occurrence’.

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‘I used the Fabulosa concentrated disinfectant, in the wild rhubarb scent, to clean my kitchen floors at around 11am’, Leanne said. ‘I diluted the product with hot water into a bucket and washed the floors while the Pixie was upstairs.

‘I had the windows and back door open to dry the floors off and Pixie didn’t come down until it had completely dried.

The puppy ‘struggled to breathe and rubbed her face against the sofa’ (Picture: Leanne Lindsay/Caters News)
Pixie with her dog buddy (Picture: Leanne Lindsay/Caters News)

‘The reacting didn’t start to show until about 12 hours later when her face started to swell, which was rapidly getting worse.

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‘She was licking her paws a lot and rubbing her face against the sofa. Her breathing also started to heavy like she was struggling to catch a breath. I have never been so scared.’

The distraught pet owner, from Cardiff, says she ‘couldn’t stop crying’ as she desperately rang around to find an emergency vet.

Leanne said: ‘It worst feeling in the world to think that my baby girl was going to die. I’ve never been so frightened.

‘After finding an emergency vet, I explained to them on the phone what was happening.

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‘They said it sounded like an allergic reaction and asked me how her breathing was. I told them she was really heavily panting and they could hear over the phone so they told me to bring her immediately.’

Pixie was put on a weeks course of steroids and given anti-histamines to help her back to full health.

The vet believes she suffered an allergic reaction, with Leanne saying Fabulosa ‘is the only thing I had used or done differently’.

She added: ‘I just want to raise awareness for other pet owners as I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else’s pet.

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Leanne ‘couldn’t stop crying’ during the scary incident (Picture: Leanne Lindsay/Caters News)
A Fabulosa spokesperson says an allergic reaction is ‘a very rare occurrence’ (Picture: Leanne Lindsay/Caters News)

‘After sharing my story I received a number of comments from people who had experienced the same thing.’

A Fabulosa spokesperson said: ‘We have contacted Leanne so we can investigate the matter fully in light of the alleged allergic reaction.

‘Our customer’s health and safety, and that of their pets is of utmost importance to us and we take any reported incidents seriously.

‘If consumers use the products in accordance with safety information on the back of the pack, the product is completely safe for use in a domestic environment.

Seeing spots? Or not… Dalmatian puppies are pure white when they are born and develop their spots as they grow older.

‘An allergic reaction to an ingredient in a Fabulosa product is a very rare occurrence, however could happen if a pet is unusually sensitive to a certain chemical within the product.’

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