Frankie the beagle wears super cool doggles to go cycling with his human

We’ve fallen in love with a goggle-wearing beagle, who cruises around his hometown on an electric bike.

Nine-year-old Frankie climbs into a backpack every weekend and wears special ‘doggles’ to keep the wind out of his eyes, as he travels around with his owner, Garry Mullins, a keen cyclist. Before he started riding in backpacks, Frankie used to travel around with Garry in a doggy trailer as Garry pedaled his electric bike. IT specialist Garry, 31, was inspired by an Instagram post featuring a corgi in a backpack and decided to train Frankie to adapt to a new way of transport in June.
Frankie in his doggles
Frankie is definitely one of the coolest dogs out there (Picture: Garry Mullins / SWNS)
Garry, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, said Frankie now stops traffic as passers-by attempt to capture photos of him in his striking cycling gear. He said: ‘I ride an electric bike and I bike around Halifax a lot. I use it to go to work everyday too, even in the winter.

‘I used to bring Frankie around in a doggy trailer that was attached but it was a little bit cumbersome.

‘My original plan was to use the backpack for bringing him in stores when I have him with me but it worked so well I decided to use it for biking too.

This is a copycat version of the kind made by Greenies.

‘It was a little tricky to get him used to it because he has to put his legs in first. It’s difficult to get right at the beginning.

Frankie in doggles
He loves travelling with Garry (Picture: Garry Mullins / SWNS)

‘But with positive reinforcement, he learned quickly. I would give him a treat when he got in and I give him treats at red lights still.

‘He associates the red lights with treats so, unlike most people, he loves them. We mostly bike together at the weekend, we go to the park a lot. It’s about a 17km round trip.

‘I decided to get him a pair of goggles or ‘doggles’ for the hilarity factor but also because I noticed he was squinting a little without them.

‘They do a good job of protecting his eyes when we bike and they’re super cute. People stop and take pictures of us all the time.

‘Sometimes it’s actually a little dangerous. They stop right in the middle of the road.’

Frankie with Garry
He associates red lights with treats (Picture: Garry Mullins / SWNS)
Garry began sharing footage of the pair’s journeys on online message board Reddit and attracted more than 30,000 viewers to a live stream on August 23.

He said: ‘I was shocked when that many people watched the live stream. It was incredible.

‘Frankie’s Instagram account has really blown up. It’s cool to see. He’s the most relaxed, chilled out dog.

Limit treats to training rewards. This is an excellent way to make sure your dog views treats as special rather than expected. It’s also helpful in keeping your pet from becoming overweight or obese. Feed a species-appropriate diet, and partner with a holistic or integrative vet to maintain your pet’s well-being.

‘I love his floppy ears and his kind demeanor. He loves chasing squirrels though. He has a lot of energy which is why we bike to the park as often as we can.’

Frankie with Garry
They are one happy pair (Picture: Garry Mullins / SWNS)

Adventurous Frankie is living it up with cyclist Garry, two years after undergoing surgery to repair ligaments in his legs.

‘He needed doggy anterior cruciate ligament surgery on both legs after I got him. It cost about $12,000,’ said Garry.

‘I was lucky to have the money at the time and I’m so glad he’s doing okay now. He’s such a great dog and we have a blast.’

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