Firefighters save a puppy with its head stuck inside baby formula milk tin

Moment firefighters save a puppy with its head stuck inside baby formula tin
Bo the French Bulldog puppy got its head wedged inside a tin of baby formula (Picture: SWNS)
A trapped French Bulldog puppy had to be saved by firefighters after it got its head wedged inside a baby formula milk tin.

The curious pooch called Bo, aged six months, got its head completely stuck inside the small container.

Amazingly, the puppy escaped without any scratches as a crew of firefighters in Basildon, Essex, freed him using small tools. Howard Midwood, watch manager at Basildon Fire Station, said: ‘Clearly, this wasn’t a typical incident for our firefighters but when Bo and his owner arrived, we knew we’d be able to help.

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‘I’m really proud of our firefighters who have done a professional job tonight in releasing Bo quickly and safely.

‘We’re pleased that Bo was able to get home without any scratches or grazes — but hope he doesn’t try and treat himself to any more milk formula!’

Firefighters had to use small tools to remove the baby formula milk tin (Picture: ECFRS / SWNS)
Thankfully Bo was unharmed (Picture: ECFRS / SWNS)
🗣️ “We’re really pleased Bo could go home without any scratches or grazes – but hope he doesn’t try and treat himself to any more milk formula!” 🐶 Firefighters released Bo, a French Bulldog puppy, from a milk formula tin this evening.Full details 👉— Essex Fire Service (@ECFRS)

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Essex Fire Service posted details of the rescue on their Twitter account after a job well done.

It started off the year with an unusual task – but firefighters are quite used to helping out when animals get themselves into sticky situations.

Last month, the RSPCA published a list of their strangest rescues of 2021 , which often included help from local firefighters. On one occasion, firefighters had to come to the aid of a pair of badgers who somehow got wedged halfway up a ladder next to a canal in South Wales.

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