Fiona the hippo is 'living the best life' as she hits a major milestone

Fiona the hippo is celebrating her weight gain over the holidays.

The Cincinnati Zoo's resident celebrity has hit the 1,000-pound milestone, which is a long way from the mere 29 pounds she weighed after being born prematurely in January 2017.

"She's definitely living the best life," Fiona's primary trainer, Jenna Wingate, told Cincinnati Public Radio .

Reaching the half-ton mark continues Fiona's progression as she approaches her second birthday. She weighed 650 pounds when she celebrated her first birthday back in January.

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Now she's a third of the way toward being a full-grown female hippo, which usually weighs about 3,000 pounds.

"Fiona becoming 1,000 pounds is a big deal to us because we didn't know if she would survive in the first place," Wingate said. "Starting out at 29 pounds when they're typically 50 to 100 pounds, it is a big deal that she's been gaining and increasing and becoming a regular hippo and growing as other hippo calves do."

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It's been quite a journey so far for Fiona, who has starred in her own Facebook Watch show, hammed it up while playing with bubbles, photobombed a wedding proposal, endured the death of her father, inspired a special ice cream flavor, and even predicted the Philadelphia Eagles' Super Bowl victory.

And she's not even 2 yet!

It's great to see Fiona doing so well and living the dream of eating as much as she wants around holiday time.

Fiona the Hippo turns 1 and is still a star