Fiona the hippo catches eye of long-distance suitor Timothy

Timothy the hippo has a message for the world: “Believe in love. Even if you’re just a hippo.”The San Antonio Zoo’s 4-year-old hippopotamus also has a lot of messages for the Cincinnati Zoo’s Fiona the hippo . Mainly, love letters on social media. Plus poems. And remixed '80s songs, like his recent take on Journey’s classic “Faithfully”:

And being apart ain't easy on this hippo story

Two strangers learn to fall in super like again

I get the joy of reading about you

Oh, girl, you stand by me

I'm forever yours, faithfully

“Fiona was such a superstar right away, and apparently it caught Timothy’s attention,” Tim Morrow, president and CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, told TODAY. “I think he’s a playful lover. He’s still got his innocence about him. There’s nothing nefarious about this. He’s not trying to ‘slide into her DMs,’ as people will say.”

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Timothy is planning a surprise for Fiona’s third birthday on Jan. 24. Last year, he sent her a video of mariachis serenading her. (Morrow said the Texas-based hippo hoped she could be serenaded in person, but couldn't find mariachis available for hire in Ohio.) Additionally, Timothy asked his fans to send him copies of her latest book, “A Very Fiona Christmas ,” during the holidays, and his team will donate them to children at a local homeless shelter this week in honor of her birthday.