Fifty-seven Labrador pups arrive at animal rescue centre all at once and cause chaos

FIFTY-SEVEN excitable Labrador puppies are looking for new homes after being dropped off at a small rescue centre in Wales.

Fifty-seven labradors are now looking for loving new homes

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Many Tears Animal Rescue in Cefneithin, Carmarthenshire , welcomed a host of new fluffy additions in just one week and are now seeking new homes for 57 cute labradors . The pups, who were once destined to become working service animals seeking illegal drugs and explosives, arrived on their doorstep but are now looking for loving families to care for them.

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The intelligent and energetic dogs have been described as “well socialised” and would be suited to a busy family lifestyle.

Many Tears owner Sylvia Van Atta also describes the canines as “busy, happy and friendly” who love to be interactive and do something with their new owners.

She also notes as they’re quite energetic pups, they need some stimulation and prospective owners should be willing to throw balls and play with the dogs.

Sylvia said: "They all came from somebody with a contract to look after dogs going to be trained as bomb or drug dogs.

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Rescue labrador dogs

Fifty-seven Labrador pups arrive at animal rescue centre all at once and cause chaos (Image: Many Tears Animal Rescue)

Rescue labrador dogs

The 57 pups are looking for a new home (Image: Many Tears Animal Rescue)

"But they have decided not to continue with that.

"There are a lot of young dogs, and they all needed worming but they are well socialised.

“They had been bred for working and prepared to be service dogs.”

"They are busy, happy and friendly dogs and any home needs to be a busy family.

“They are dogs that want to be doing something.”

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rescue labrador dogs

Many Tears Animal Rescue are currently looking after the pups until they find new owners (Image: Many Tears Animal Rescue)

Sylvia said the dogs would not be content with just sitting at home due to being a “very agile” breed.

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She explained: "They are bred for their brains and they are very agile.

“So they are ok to be pets, but they need someone who will throw balls, who will stimulate them.

"They are not dogs who will be happy to just sit by the fire all the time".

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Footage from the rescue centre shows the adorable pups causing chaos as they run about in an excitable manner.

The 57 dogs can be seen clutching various toys as they scamper about with young children and rescue centre staff.

Apply house rules consistently. When your pet knows what to expect from his behavior, he will be much more inclined to do more of what you approve of and less of what you don’t.

At one point in the video created by Many Tears' staff, a labrador climbs inside a toy box to hunt for more, despite clutching a ball in his mouth already.

Also, close-up footage of some of the playful labradors is shown, which shows off their playful personalities.

labrador rescue dogs

One of the labradors climbed inside the box of toys in the footage released by the rescue centre (Image: Many Tears Animal Rescue)

Prospective owners should also be aware that all the dogs need to be vaccinated and wormed.The dogs can also be spayed/neutered if they are old enough.

The animal rescue centre is also inviting people to contribute towards the cost of the labradors care.

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Those wanting to meet the pups can attend the centre's showarounds on weekdays at midday, and at 11am on weekends.

They will all be available for adoption at the Many Tears website.

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