Fearful dog who was almost euthanized transforms to sweet and cuddly

A fluffy little dog named Logan is proof that with love and care, traumatized dogs can learn to be happy again.Last year, the 8-pound bichon frise mix barely escaped a Southern California shelter with his life. Surrendered with a handful of other pups by someone forced to do so by the county, Logan (then called Rusty) was so matted and filthy that the intake paperwork mistakenly listed him as female.
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After displaying behavior issues like biting shelter employees, the 5-year-old dog was given just two hours to be pulled from the shelter before being euthanized.

That’s when the nonprofit Bichon Rescue Brigade stepped in.“He was in just horrific condition,” Lisa Burgett, vice president of BRB, told TODAY. “He had chronic skin issues when we got him. His eyes were inflamed. He had a bunch of yeast in his ear. He had foxtails, tapeworms — his nails didn’t look like they’d ever been trimmed. He wouldn’t eat. He definitely needed to be socialized and seemed almost feral.”

Learn to read your dogs body language. Since no dog I know of is able to mosey up to the kitchen table, pour himself a cup of coffee, and confess to all of the things that annoy, frighten, and stress him out, I suggest that the next best thing is to learn to read your dog’s many signals and body language. This is how your dog will communicate with you.

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