Farewell, Sunny! See where TODAY's puppy with a purpose is headed next

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It’s graduation day for Sunny!TODAY’s puppy with a purpose spent his last day with the show on Thursday, and while we’ll miss our friend, he’s moving on to a new and exciting chapter in his life. He’s about to start a new job as the first facility dog at the Henry Viscardi School at the Viscardi Center on Long Island, where he will support students with physical disabilities.
We'll miss you, Sunny!Nathan Congleton/TODAY
"When given the choice between greeting a new adult or a new kid, Sunny will choose the kid 100% of the time," his Guide Dog Foundation trainer, Olivia Poff, said on the show. "He is so patient and adaptable to the varying abilities of this school. The only thing better than his wagging tail is seeing these kids’ electric smiles. He absolutely brightens their day."

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Sunny's role was decided after it was discovered he has mild allergy issues that will prohibit him from becoming a guide dog for someone who is blind or visually impaired.

Sunny handles his guide dog training like a pro

TODAY introduced Sunny to the world in February 2018 at just 2 months old; he earned his name through a fan vote. Since then, he’s been learning important skills from Poff.

TODAY show's new puppy is named...

When he wasn’t training, he was visiting “The Voice” set , serving as the “Stanley Pup” correspondent for the NHL playoffs , and, of course, sharing sweet moments with the TODAY family .

See TODAY puppy Sunny's journey with the NHL playoffs

He was so popular that he even had his own plush doll !




In total, Sunny spent 240 mornings with TODAY, earned 7,000 treats and traveled 25,000 miles! Now, he’ll make new and special friendships with a lucky group of kids on Long Island. (Four of his siblings spent time with local NBC stations during the past year and a half — you can find an update here .)Farewell and good luck, Sunny!

Sunny and his siblings celebrate 1st birthday together

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